I am …

Via Pinterest. Click to go to the board it’s pinned on.

..… feeling hot and sticky right now and I hope for home.

………..… tired and need sleep.

 …………….. … a little confused and need to meditate.

…..… hurting inside.

… funny and always up for a good laugh.

… itching to travel.

… insecure


… conflicted.

… wanting to write a proper post.

……….. … scared of growing up sometimes.

 ………….… not going to let my fears get the best of me.

… colourful and waiting to burst out of my invisible bubble.

..… full of ideas that run away from me.

.… passionate.

… loyal.

I am …

I am me.


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8 responses to “I am …

  1. I love how the pattern of your little poem matches your feelings. Lovely post!

  2. Aww my sugary friend, a nice mug of iced chocolate (instead of hot) would definitely cool you down my dear. Smile! 🙂

    • That sounds great but I can remember when I last had any, I’ll some some now 🙂 I hope you and AJ are fine, it’s been difficult to keep up with blogging these days. Just now it was a heavy downpour and it stopped a few minutes later and the big bad angry grey clouds are backing off a bit.

  3. You are like all of us. Walking,breathing ironies. Be well.

  4. You’re beautiful as you are mi querida amiga, indeed you. 🙂

    • Thank you, Andy, that’s sweet thing to say 🙂 I’m not sure what’s going on (but I suspect lack of sleep as a part to play), subtle shifts in moods, when you look at my age it doesn’t seem strange, but I have this idea that I have the less aggressive form of bipolar … and sometimes I feel like … like exploding. This heat over here is making it hard for me to write.

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