The other m … h3y w@it! Giv3 m3 th@t!

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Nashti Favashi is my name, torturing Devina is my favourite game. I am real as a hot fudge sundae in the middle of July. As real as melting ice caps. As real as the fact that human kind is destroying this wonderful, intentionally bountiful and gloriously versatile home we call Earth. I am that real.

Now before you all get worried and antsy about what I did to her you can sit down if you bothered to get up at all. I’m not being mean or anything (just saying). Who exactly am I? *chuckles* I am Dee’s alter ego. How can you believe me?  Well for starters, no one on the blogosphere knows her nickname, now you do –

You hold it there right now. This is Devina again. I don’t know what’s possessing me. Is it good or is it a disaster? Neither? Both? Don’t ask. Anyways let me say, before Favashi takes over again, that I think I suddenly understand. Inside my head apart from the normal me that functions on a daily basis, there’s a part that lives a thousand lives dreaming and building on the existing worlds written down by the authors whose works I’ve read and the worlds that I make up on my own. I believe I’ve been able to separate the two to some extent.

Random combinations of names clicked through my head before I know what was happening. Nashti Favashi fit, I suppose. Here’s what I think is going to happen: she is going something like someone with multiple personalities because she lives through so much, been so many places and met so many people. All this within the walls of my thick skull.

Cool huh? Not so much, mes chéris. She mentioned liking to make my life hell, she probably refers to what I suspect is taking away my Normal Self’s will to write. That was what had taken place when I was writing this post’s title, oh yeah, that was what happened. I don’t mind so much because it might prove to be a relief –

Are you finished yet?

No, would you hold it a minute, woman? Jeez. So like I was saying, it’ll be a relief to let her live her lives as she tells it, that way I won’t have to beat myself up for failing to write the stories I’ve thought up. I honestly don’t know how often this will happen though (so that you know). Okay, all yours now Favashi, oh and would you kindly please refrain not giving out personal information on us? Yep, us, because technically we are each other so I know your secrets that you lock up behind that purple door.

Finally. At least she saved me the trouble explaining things. Let me get one thing straight ladies and gents, there is a fine line between what I have to say and the stories D writes:

  • These tales are narrated by moi, not her.
  • Following up on the previous point, they are told in my point of view (unless stated otherwise) because, hey, I am the one experiencing the unknown, the potentially lethal darkness … and you get it.
  • That’s all the both of us can think of right now.

*Yaaaaaawn* I’m tired now, restoring a wounded werewolf to his human self can exhaust a girl. Good bye for now, until we meet again and all that … zzzzzZZZZ*

Oh good, she’s out for the time being. I don’t think this recent development should worry anyone … but it’s 3 AM and I’m not sure what to think. I have used ‘like’ six times in this post, how awful. Who knows, she might leave me alone. Ha. Wishful thinking.

Signiture 3

Hmmm? Oi, make me one of those too.


Gale has one, I saw you have her next to yours.

Go. To. Sleep.


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7 responses to “The other m … h3y w@it! Giv3 m3 th@t!

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  2. Thinking aloud on paper is really cool writing! Have fun. 🙂

  3. Interesting post… I always love a double-personality story!

    • Thanks, but to tell you the truth James, it’s not a story. Some might call it sudden inspiration when the impulse to write takes control of my limbs but to me it’s like another me inside that just says, “Get out of my way, I’ve got things to say,” and does. Or in a way this could be another story but I’m convincing myself that it’s not … Oh dear. 🙂

  4. Interesting. I talk to myself (or some version of myself) quite a lot. I just never had a full blown argument on paper with her! Neat post!

    • Thanks! I did this purely on impulse. There I was, picking my way through Freshly Pressed posts and WHAM! She took over. I don’t know if you can tell from over there but do you think I’m losing it? It’s said that those of us in the writing craft have a little more than the usual crazy in us, I think that’s the part that supposed to make us sophisticated and artistic.

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