A few things I’m happy about

Hi everyone! The week’s come to a close once more (thank goodness, too!) and I have some very positive things to report:

(via) Pinterest has always been very supportive. Thanks pinnies!

I’ve been getting regular exercise! I’ve been varying the different kinds and I research the more I learn about what’s good for my body and what’s not. I feel myself changing from the indifferent cherub that I was into a more health gal and I must say all that time I’ve invested in myself lately has left me energized after each session.

(Via Pinterest) Now this is just lovely.

I’ve been eating healthier too, an essential aspect if I want to live longer and to shed the unnecessary fat masses from my body. I have cut out soda completely. You can say I’ve gone cold turkey on coffee, it’s only in pure desperation I get a tiny-ish cup when the alternative is to keep my eyes open with matchsticks! I’ve been drinking lots more water and resumed my tea drinking – no cream, no sugar and to my surprise I discovered that I’ve come to love it like that, before I had to restrain myself from gagging.

Big improvement! Eating healthy doesn’t mean sacrificing taste, there are tons of ways to get those taste buds in a  tap-dancing frenzy! One word: Pinterest. Here’ what, go there if you haven’t already. Get yourself an account and get pinning, and I’m talking health and fitness so don’t stray away (because it is so horrifically easy to do) other stuff can wait! There you can find groovy tips and link backs to fitness websites and helpful videos.

So all in all, despite a couple minor lapses, I’m on track and I’m feeling good. But (and there is a but) all good thing must have an end somewhere, I have a list of thinks to frown upon. Oh well, I have to go now.



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  1. Hey! Congrats on your achievement so far 🙂 I am working on a healthier lifestyle too and so farwhat I’ve succeeded most with is getting healthier eaiting habits – means regular & healthier meals healthier, more fruit & water, thus less junk and soda… Tho a little sip of pepsi is nice for those not so glorious momens… hehe. Anyways, Keep u the good work!

    1. Thank you! Personally, I think that’s gigantic step, but do you you exercise regularly too? Pepsi, I was an addict once, every single day I chugged a 20 oz. bottle and even though it might be really nice to have a sip so far I’ve successfully avoided it – for the most part, ahem. Thanks again, all the best to you!

      1. I tried training MWFs in the morning. Seems really well at first but it got boring. So now Im considering taking walks outside regularly instead. Fresh air seems tempting considering I both work & study indoors. I am managing to keep my sips of pepsi but most of the time I just drink juice. I’ve some favorite juice and so far they’re pineapple & mango juice 🙂 There is still some sugar so I dont consume too much juice either >< haha.

    1. It is! I’m like, “What have I been drinking before? This stuff is great!” then I say back to myself, “Oh yeah, junk and a whole bunch of crap,” and then I go on to be very pleased with myself for finally joining the realm of the sensible. Thanks for stopping by to read and comment!

      1. That’s like a month and a few days, I’ve never drank wine but having been a Pepsi addict I know it’s not easy (though wine might be more difficult). What I do when I crave a sip is: remember how long I’ve kept away, let that sink in and then I get a nice little spark of pride. I ask myself why break that record now?
        These days I breeze by the soda aisle without a twitch. Loads of luck to you!

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