A few things that made me cry today …

… happened to be commencement speeches.

Normally on Sundays I surf the YouTube waves and thanks to the E-magine internet works that we now have up here, streaming is awesome as ever. I took advantage immediately. So I got on to YT and it had some recommendations for me, bless ’em. One of those were J.K Rowling’s commencement speech for Harvard in 2008.

You know I’m not ashamed to say I’d cried. I’ll remember her words, I’ll call on them again later in my life I’m sure. This woman here, she’s an inspiration.

This one is Ellen DeGeneres’ speech at Tulane in 2009.

She’s gay, hilarious and she is awesome and I freaking love her and her generous heart. Her message of being true to yourself has touched me deep inside because I’m not very sure about who I am. I don’t want to hold back on being ‘me’ while at the same time I don’t want to let down the people I care about. You’d have thought that if they loved me back that they would accept the person I am, but it’s a different matter, it’s complicated. Isn’t it always?

I don’t want the negative things people throw at me change me for the worse, let’s face it I will be hearing this kind of stuff and they will affect me even if I don’t want them to. So that’s why I spend my Sundays surrounding myself with positive thoughts and watching inspiring videos of equally inspiring people. They give me hope and I know I’m stronger after watching and listening, sometimes all we need to hear and see is that there are still good people out there making a difference.

The last one here hasn’t got anything to do with graduation, it’s J.K Rowling’s speech on the premiere of Deathly Hallows II. This rung out the most tears of all. Do you know how heart wrenching it is to face the reality of Harry Potter being over?

For ten years myself and millions of other people around the world had at least one thing in common and it was going to end on that day, it was magical in a way and it, and they – Daniel, Emma, Rupert and Mrs. Rowling – reminded us that it wasn’t really over and done with. As Dan had said, “The stories that we loved the best do live with us forever,” and he’s right.

The thing with Harry Potter is that no matter the age and language, no matter the time, the characters and the tales and lessons they’ve taught us will remain timeless because it found a way to fit itself sung into that warm part of our hearts, that even if we had wanted to we couldn’t pull free from. It was so easy to empathize and sympathize with Harry, Ron and Hermione and the others. A lot of us can identify with the characters, making it very personal at times. It was an easy thing to feel for them and that one was at the same time the most beautiful and hardest to live with, paradoxical I know but it’s a fact.

To experience the joy, the terror, the excitement, the loss and the myriad of other emotions, it was a roller coaster, a giddy delight. Bitter sweet. I’ve only come across one other book that stretched and rung out my heart strings but even that hadn’t measured up to Harry Potter. Thanks for spending a bit of your Sunday with me and my ramblings amid my tears and incoherent bumbling.

Cheers 🙂


7 thoughts on “A few things that made me cry today …

  1. Beautiful post! It’s good to know that the desire to be true to yourself burns so strong.
    People often have different expectations and different tastes. It is impossible to please everybody. We’ve got to have our own ideals and we should stick to them. People should know us for who we are and not who we become for each new person’s sake.
    Life is beautiful and phases keep unfolding. Harry Potter really must have been fun for you.
    Lovely post indeed!

  2. Both are such admirable women. They seem very different, but, when you talk about them like you did, I realize they aren’t–they both faced hurdled so high that it would have been easy to quit, but they not only didn’t quit, they excelled. Truly inspiring!

    • They definitely are, Lorna. In my mind I have posters of them plastered on the wall when I need inspiration, a little shove, I look up and see them there and they say to me,”You can, you can, dear girl. You can!” and I think it helps. How is your book sales doing, if you don’t mind me asking? I’m reading bits and pieces as I snatch a few moments and I hear you in every page 🙂

      • I’ve sold a little over 30 in all (paperback and e-book combined). I think once I figure out how to manage Facebook and other social media, plus do some local marketing, things will pick up. I need some more reviews, but this is a long book which takes time to read, so I have to be patient..

        I just don’t want everything that come from me to be about my book. I know I don’t like when people do that, so I shouldn’t do that either.

        Thanks for asking.

    • Oh it will, I know that I’d be reading it to my kids. A minute ago I found another video of Jo Rowling and a couple of the cast, talking about the characters and they touched on the ‘realness’ of the female characters, how girls can find themselves relating to them in a good way. Oh gosh I suck at explaining things. Here’s the video, maybe you can show it to Alina:

      Ditto, simply amazing 😀

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