Raggedy man

(via Pinterest)

He carries a whiff of diesel

Denim smeared, greasy to the touch

Beads of sweat cool on his sun baked face

Good shirts come home from the fields

With soft frayed holes and a scent of green

A sure thing to send Ma’s ire up

Added to the broken saucer and cup

The raggedy man,

A listener, a speaker,

Father mine,

A firm grip to hold my hand

A bawdy laugh,

That’s only his

Hot temper, quick wit

Raggedy man,

Wise, strong and safe

Soaked in worry

Caked in stress

Raggedy man, father mine

Don’t worry sir, for you I shall

Prick my fingers a million times

While I sew you up

With gratitude

And with love


© Devina S.

This was written for this month’s poetry challenge on Poets’ Corner.


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