This is my piece for last week’s Picture It and Write! entry.

via ermiliablog

via ermiliablog

He stumbled backwards in haste before tripping on the extra long lab coat in an attempt to remove himself as far has he could from the giant glass tube in front of him. Under the relative safety of the desk the only disturbance in the air was his uneven breathing and the distant hiss, a result of the process now in progress which he had initialized after hitting the orange button on his way to hiding. A last resort, which meant this wing of the building was now on lock-down.

The little man sat there curled into a ball, dreading the outcome of the experiment. It was no use thinking that he knew it would have gone downhill after the second stage, the commander didn’t care. He wanted it done and he’d wanted it done fast. The bastard’s getting it alright, but not as they’d planned. Gathering up whatever traces of courage that was left, he chanced a peek. The woman, Lannie Jessup, was plastered against the glass in a thick viscous layer of steadily drying goo, it clung to her like the second skin it was, sparing no dip or curve. Trapped before she could have escaped and wrapped those long strong fingers around his scrawny neck.

The material restrained an entire pride of lions in past tests, it could hold a hundred times that amount. Would it contain her? He wasn’t very certain. Lannie wasn’t a normal human, after all. He’d prodded extensively into her genetic works but she stubbornly remained a mystery. Everything against her will, of course. What were they to have done? She was one in a couple billion whose bodies were capable of accelerated adaptability and could naturally cope with the elements. With the way the weather and climate is going they had to find out what was so special about her to replicate the effects. She could have cooperated, she was given the chance …

Good God! He had been too busy thinking to see the disaster unfolding before him. Lannie was clawing her way through the purplish-blue membrane. He took a panicked step blindly backwards, knocking down trays of test tubes and petri-dishes with an ear splitting clatter shattering the deadly silence that had engulfed the lab. Her head snapped to attention in his direction, unseeing eyes trained onto him. He had no way out.

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15 responses to “Trapped

  1. I both love and hate Frankenstein-esque stories. It annoys me that people (fictional or not) think they have the right to meddle with life because they can. However, it makes for fantastic writing when the experiment turns against the scientist.

  2. An original interpretation of the picture! Most of the contributions were about the woman being the victim, while you reversed it and she’s the dangerous one. That’s great, very creative πŸ™‚

  3. creepy! This could easily be a scene from some sci-fi suspense movie. Very well done.

    One thing I noticed. Hope you don’t mind. “,,,a result of the process now in progress…” I tripped over the words “process” and “progress” When I read them again, of course I saw they were different, but on the first pass, I read them as the same. Maybe it was just me, but they are so close in appearance and proximity in the sentence that they could be confusing.

    Other than that, I forgot I was reading and just pictured the scene and was there in the lab!

  4. Oh, well done; gripping and suspenseful…! πŸ™‚

  5. Hope he can adapt to some hands around his scrawny neck. πŸ™‚

  6. Man! We scientists never get things right! Good Piece and thanks for the link up!

  7. I love the suspense in this! Extremely well written. Thanks for the link up.

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