When We Were Very Young by A.A. Milne

(via Goodreads)

(via Goodreads)

Rated: 5 stars        Recommended for: Children, young and old.

What a delightful little poetry book! I came across this by chance in the school’s old library a few days ago. I grew up with Winnie The Pooh, though I don’t see Disney rerunning any of the old episodes except only the occasional full length movie, it’s sad really.

Until lately I was unaware that the tales were originally written for Milne’s son, Christopher Robin, who had inspired them. Now if a father who had devoted writing little books of bouncing tigers and bossy rabbits and the likes for his little boy, isn’t sweet, I don’t know what is. After finding this out and thinking back on the shows, I realized how personal it all was. If anything, it made me love the Hundred Acre Woods and it’s weird and dear inhabitants even more.

Reading this, I remember years ago when I would plop my butt down on the shaggy carpet in front of the television at eight in the morning to see what they were up to, the Heffalumps were out then. In that particular corner of my memory it’s always sunny and airy and a little gusty. There are I think forty four poems in all, most of them silly and gay and all rhyming like it was nobody’s business, appealing to children and still remains charming to adults alike. The illustrations by Mr. Shepard are simply lovely, they went well with each poem. My favourites of the lot are Politeness, Hoppity, Johnathan Jo, Halfway Down, The Invaders and Vespers.

I’ll be out hunting for a copy of my own very soon. If I ever have children I will definitely read this to them. It’s a wonderful thing isn’t it, sharing a piece of your own childhood with them and knowing that they might love it as much as you had, and still do?


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