Here lies my 2012 resolutions

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… some will remain buried and will rest in peace while others shall be resurrected. Last year I made a bunch of half hearted promises to myself but at the time I’m sure my heart was really into it then. So today I’ll compare them to what really happened throughout last year.

1. Make an effort to ease up procrastinating, I know that I’ll never quit outright no matter how hard I try.

– I can’t be completely certain but I’ll say I’ve improved a little in this area. I think that’s better than being stuck where I was last year. But there is still room, room and yet more room for improvement. Marked down for the resurrection process.

2. Put more time in revision so I’ll pass in my exams coming up and less time reading books, like novels, I normally spend my time reading … wish me luck with that one.

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– I think I could have found a fitting LOLcat meme somewhere to illustrate how this one went, but I’m feeling too lazy right now. Think about the extra clicks needed to do that, good grief. I’m dreading my results which will be released soon but I did make a great effort to study for these exams, it was the bio labs that got me down and the fact that I picked up English really close to the exams. Never give up! Heh.

3. Develop healthy sleeping patterns so I could actually get things done, the one I have is so embarrassing  I can’t take it anymore.

– LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Ah, this one died a long time ago. ‘Nuf said.

4. Loose some weight, I’m not that overweight but I wouldn’t hurt to have a good BMI, now would it?

– I actually had luck with this. I’ve lost approximately 10 pounds. Gained back five. Then lost some again and it has stayed off so far. I see that as a pass. I’m comfortably chubby-ish but  it wouldn’t kill me to lose a few more.

5. Eat more healthy food and get more exercise.

Okay, I got my cat together. Oops, I meant ‘act’! (via

– I did okay, but I caved in a little here and a little there with the eating but I’ll say I’m doing better than before. As for the exercise I’m very proud of myself, every other day I’d jog four miles but the treadmill has come to the end of its life and I’m left at a standstill if you don’t count running on the spot. I’d go outside if it weren’t for the fact that my dad is a paranoid maniac where his little girls are concerned. But damn, it feels good to run my lungs out.

6. Put in a little more time for blogging.

– A definite pass.

7. Try to be a better person and help other people.

– For the record, I am a nice person all year round … when my temper isn’t out and over the roof. It’s a comfort and a reassurance that I haven’t gone completely loony and that too with out needing anger management! And I help out a lot, who does the truck load of dishes when she comes home at night? Sometimes I think I’m too nice, and that  isn’t necessarily always a good thing.

8. Remember all the birthdays this year and to send cards.

-Another semi-success. No, not it’s not. A fail I believe because I explicitly said all and I most certainly didn’t remember all of them, barely half. Another return resolution.

9. Vent my temper in  constructive activities and resist punching the people that gets it up, not that I punch anybody out of anger, really I don’t. Hehehe.

– The only person I punched out of frustration last year was my sister, Timmy. Yeah, that’s a guy’s name and I have one too but I’ll let you guess it. Pillows helped. We have well fluffed pillows during stormy weather, if you know what I mean.

10. Spend less time on the computer. That should be cake, right? Ha!

– I should have mentioned I meant chocolate cake. Well, we know how that went. It was delicious. 😛

11. Meditate more often and send those negative energies packing.


– This has helped me a great deal. But. Oh dear Jose, yet another but. But I’m not getting to do this as often as I’d like to. This year is the year I’ll be making time. Yeah, that’s what.

If I step back and looked at the big picture of this mishmash, and from what I see based on this last year wasn’t all that. But in the spirit of the brand spanking new one of 2013 I will make this year a success! Oh dear, here I go again.

I got a couple helpful tips from James Kennedy, he had emphasized on making very specific lists and point out to me that #6 and #10 contradicted each other. I suppose they do, but at the time I’d meant to ease up on pointless surfing and a little more on blogging. I don’t think they’re the same though.

I’m finishing up putting together this year’s lot. Sometimes I wonder why I keep doing this and each time I come to the conclusion that it’s better to have tried than to not have tried at all. I have to stop underestimating myself. Ah well, I’m over the moon to see familiar faces once more in 2013 and I hope to meet more new people, there’s so much to learn!

Cheers all 😉


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