That Christmas feeling

Merry Christmas everyone!


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2 responses to “That Christmas feeling

  1. Such a lovely poem, transmitting the Christmas spirit around the blogosphere 🙂 Hope you had a great time on Christmas day!

    • Thank you Daphne, I’m glad it reached you 🙂 It’s just sad, every year the spirit of the holiday is eroded by people capitalizing on it and the feeling, the pure sweet and tender emotions of it all is almost forgotten … or it’s just me. So I tried to revive it in this poem.

      My Christmas was a sleepy one, my sisters and I kicked back and watched Rush Hour 1 from beginning to end! I am reminded why Jackie Chan is my favourite, and how hilarious Chris tucker is. There was some Harry Potter as well and hot chocolate! Thanks for asking, and I hope yours was even better 😀

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