Another year gone and here I am

main-hot-chocolate… still a little clueless what I’m all about but that’s expecting too much, isn’t it? I have thought certain things through, identified new chinks, and my vision to the horizon’s much clearer. I’m going to pursue a career in law, environmental law and the more I think about it the more I’m sure about it.

I can’t remember the girl I was last year so much and at the same time I can’t tell you exactly how I’ve changed, I suppose it blended in one thing after the other that I can’t pin point the ways. But I’ve got a general idea, I think I’ve grown up this year more than I have any other one. Things came a little more into focus, the way I want to go.

DSCN5638Ugh! I don’t even know what I going on about just that I want to write something and get it out there. Well there’s a heads up that I will be participating in The Mad Reviewer Reading Challenge for which each and every book read I will have to review it, no butts (oops!) and ifs about it and I really need this because I’ve let myself down in that aspect of my reading process: analyzing the books and it’s pretty much important to me. I’ve decided to begin at the Crazy Reviewer level aiming for 52 books (on average 1 book per week) and if I can I’ll aim for the highest Mad Reviewer at 104 books (2 per week). There’s a progress bar now just above the copyright on the sidebar. As of now I’m in a state of limbo where I’m reading then I’m not, then I swing to drawing manga and cartoon owls, and then sometimes I just am.

By the end of next year I’ll be finishing up on my A levels and if I work hard enough and with a dash of luck I hope to be studying in most likely in London (fingers tightly crossed!) But this I hope to achieve with my reading goals not conflicting with my studies. It’s all about planning. 2013 is another year and I’ll be damned if I don’t make it count. I haven’t accomplished much this year when I look at it but I so badly want to get somewhere and where ever the hell somewhere is I have to move my lethargic arse real fast. Carpe Diem was my old high school’s motto, with a little alteration my new personal motto: Carpe the hell out of this Diem. Not original but I can get used to it.

In an up and coming post (whenever that will be) I will return to my resolutions I’d hoped to abide by, written earlier this year and will gauge how far I’ve come to achieving them as a reader had requested, it makes sense really. Then I’ll be dancing around with some fresh ones for the new year.

Ah yes, you might have noticed very mild swears in this post that’s another thing. I’m aiming to be a bit more expressive, but I won’t be going all out Rosa Hubberman on you folks (you’ll know that particularly sweet woman from The Book Thief by Markus Zusak), just the little things. It’s a part of that resolution list in progress. But if this bothers anyone, let me know, okay?

I think that’s it for the moment. I now leave you to one of my favourite tunes, the instrumental version of the Irish Folk song; The Star of Country Down, and know that I’m listening to it again to me it has a little Christmassy ring to it.

Cheers all and a Happy Holiday to you and yours 😀


17 thoughts on “Another year gone and here I am

    • Socks! I picked up on that a couple weeks ago, even if only to keep away mosquitoes. I haven’t gotten anywhere with that as yet, I dropped and picked up a couple subjects so I’ll be completing advanced levels late next year, then I’ll apply. Yeah, that’s the plan for now.

      • Are there mosquitoes in British winter?
        I’m glad you’re not caught up in the mad, blind university rush. Making the right choice late is so much better than making the wrong choice too soon. University seemed so much easier (both academically and socially) for those students who were a year or two older than the rest of us. Take your time!

  1. It’s great that you’re sure about what you will do later – in my case the more time goes by the more I am confused about what to study after my A levels which I’ll complete next year as well!
    Wow good luck in doing the reviewer challenge 🙂 sounds awesome but I know I won’t have time for that unfortunately.
    Merry Christmas 🙂

    • The confusion phase is always the most frustrating one, I kind of envy the people who know what they want from way way back. I wanted to be a fire fighter, I still do but I can’t be 😦 Ah well you will eventually figure it out 🙂

      Thanks, and to tell you the truth I hope I haven’t gone in over my head with the amount, but I suppose a challenge is always good. Oh, it sounds that you have a very busy year ahead. All the best!

  2. You are such a delight Ms. D! (Have I ever told you that before?)

    Enjoy your books adventures and wherever your academic pursuits take you ! You deserve all the happiness and more. xx

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