HC&B’s first Anniversary

WordPress has recently informed yours truly that yesterday, the 22nd of November, had marked HC&B’s first year anniversary! I’d like to thank you all who have been reading from since then to those of you in the middle and to those who’ve just joined me, thank you all.

When I started blogging I wasn’t sure what to write about but I did know that there’s a lot that I need to get out. So since I loved reading and hot chocolate I named this blog after those but I was sure that it won’t be devoted to books entirely.

I don’t believe I write good reviews half of the time so I was reluctant to do it at all but I refuse to just read and not analyze. I mean I analyze what’s written but it needs to be written down and by really writing my thoughts down I find that there’s more to think about. So even though I don’t write one for each book I read I still make an attempt. Blogging has given me an opportunity to share and it has pushed me to do more.

For the past year I’ve met some really good people who’ve changed my life in even the most minute ways that changed me for the best and to you I’ll be forever grateful. Yes, yes, this might be all too melodramatic for a one year mark but what I say holds true πŸ™‚

G’night everyone, and good morning to you on the other side πŸ˜€




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9 responses to “HC&B’s first Anniversary

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  3. Reading and writing are important. That cannot be overstated. Congratulations on the anniversary and keep the words flowing.


  4. Happy blog birthday Ms. D! You are such a light, and I am so happy that I have had a chance to get to know you. I look forward to another year of hot choco and good reads!

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