La Plume Noire Photography: Buckingham Palace

Hey everyone, I’m back with another shot courtesy of Kirsty Pang, the talented woman behind the lens of La Plume Noire Photography. The first time I introduced you to her work was in Fashion by La Plume Noire Photography where we got a glimpse of a cute maroon dress on an even prettier model.

Click to visit the entire ‘London Treasures’ Gallery.

Now here’s a stunning photo of Buckingham Palace with the Queen’s eternally frozen Guards standing watch (of course except for the occasional trips to the loo … I mean they have to go at some point, right?). I adore colour photography but the black and whites are the ones that really bring out the fine details, lines are more defined and bolder, blacks are blacker, it emphasizes on the shadows and the light. The contrast is stunning and smooth. It’s a beautiful building, design and all.

I’ve got a few more installments coming up so come back again soon, okay? In the meantime, you can give Kirsty a visit and check out all of her galleries that are sure to make you itch to pick up a camera and click away!

Have a good weekend!

Cheers 😀



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6 responses to “La Plume Noire Photography: Buckingham Palace

  1. 3 months late, lol. I do apologize. Thank you!

    I am currently sorting out my emails.

  2. I love Black and White pictures more!

  3. Pete Howorth

    They don’t even leave their posts when people are breaking into Buckingham Palace lol, makes me wonder why they don’t just buy statues.

    • I heard a good while ago someone broke in and reached the Queen’s bedchamber, but I think she wasn’t there at the time (don’t know how true that is), makes me think they’re there for decoration when they claim they’re not. Nah, even though it would be sensible to get statues it’ll be bad for tourism 😛

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