The Raindrop

I am the raindrop

That falls on her

Cheek in the drizzle

I cool her hot face

Troubled by betrayal


I am a raindrop

On his rail

I observe him reading

The papers, his reactions

His annoyance,

His anger


I am a raindrop

That adorns the rose

He bequeaths his lover

Her smile is magnified

A thousand fold on

My still surface


I am a raindrop

That has fallen

From the first rain

Evaporated and returned

To the sky in the clouds

Countless times before


I’ve been thorough the

Labyrinths of Venice

Drunk by great kings and queens

I’ve washed many heads

And fallen from waterfalls


I’ve seen men at their height of power

I’ve seen the many that fell

I’ve seen love, hurt, happiness

And a myriad of human emotions


I’ve been in wars

I saw men fight in the

Name of God, honour and country

I fell like tear drops as

Their souls rose up like smoke

And into the unknown


I’ve been a lot of places

Seen thrice as many people

Perhaps I’ve seen you

Maybe someday soon

So next time the heavens burst

Think  of me

© Devina S.

Originally written for Poets’ Corner.



Filed under Misc.

5 responses to “The Raindrop

  1. Devina, did you send me the header picture for poets corner of the library. i have changed the theme and its out of focus.

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