From the author of Winter lust and Wonder and I Died Once, James Mahoney will soon be releasing Chess With Agatha. Click on over to Kickstarter to make it happen!

James Patrick Mahoney

“Chess With Agatha” Kickstarter – Cover Artist/Editor Funding Project

Hey Guys I just wanted to let you know about My “Chess With Agatha” Kickstarter Project

Here’s the Link if you’d like to take a look, or get involved “Chess With Agatha” Fantasy Novel Kickstarter Project

I’m looking to Generate Funds to Hire a Cover Artist, and Editor for My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”

About Half the funds will go toward Hiring, and the other Half will go towards Rewards which the Contributors will Receive, such as Signed Copies of the Book Etc., depending on your Contribution.

There’s also a Video on the Site you can check out that further explains the Project.

Thanks For All Your Support Either Way Guys, I really appreciate it


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