Meet Gale: My imaginary Snowy Owl

Oh, how I wonder how many of you thought hat this post was about the Hunger Games before reading the rest of the title. I’m not a huge fan of the series so I won’t expect any fan-girl babbling if I were you. Any who, I’m pleased to introduce to you my friend Gale!

This photo here, however, is not mine! Click to see more.

I’ve always had a thing for owls, snowy ones in particular, way before I read the Harry Potter books. They’re beautiful creatures, and to me they have this knowing look in their eyes, eyes that stare right through you, like they know something that you don’t. I suppose that’s why they’re said to be wise … They, owls in general, are one of the representations of my favourite Greek goddesses; Athena.

Anyways, you know how some kids have imaginary friends? Yeah well, I have an owl (and also an assortment of imaginary friends)! Unlike other people’s imaginary friends, I consciously ‘made’ my owl ‘to be’ (this is the same for the friends). Now she delivers mail for me to my the said friends and my favourite fictional characters. How cool is that?

Gale is well … snowy white with flecks of flack feathers along her back and wings, typical of the females of the species. Her amber eyes are endless and she kind of glow when she’s ticked off.

I haven’t seen her in a while now. She travels all over the place and I envy her and she knows it. She rubs it in my face that I’m cooped up in a house full of annoying humans  and my feet are limited to the ground. That’s usually when I ignore her and then she’d relent and tell me of her adventures (and I hope to share them with you guys).

Oh, what’s that? Yes, I can talk to her. She doesn’t ‘speak’ like you and me but I can understand her perfectly as she is my made up bird and that really underlines the infinite possibilities within the range of one’s imagination, and that range itself it infinite.

Considering that I’m 18 now and that I still have Gale on delivery duty (I assure you, she doesn’t mind in the least), some you you might be concerned for my mental health but not to worry as I said their existence were intentional (partially) and I find her and the rest of the gang better company than some people I know. So they keep my sanity intact.

NOTE: I can’t remember the website I got this image from but if the owner would prefer me to take it down please contact me and I will. I apologize if I cause harm in any way what so ever, but it’s just that I absolutely fell in love with with your photo and after searching for days for a perfect owl pic I found yours and it was perfect. Please don’t sue me.

Did you have an imaginary friend? Do you miss him/her? I’m curious as I’ve never had any as a kid. Do you think I’ve gone nutters? Haha!

Cheers 😀



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5 responses to “Meet Gale: My imaginary Snowy Owl

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  2. I don’t think I ever had an imaginary friend. Maybe that’s because my sisters and I were so close. Don’t know. But I’m glad you do and an owl is a wise friend to have, indeed! 🙂

    • Oh that’s nice, I suppose a lot of the people who had them were the ones who needed them the most. Did you know that Neil Diamond had one?

      Yep, she’s wise all right and can be a little snarky too. The thing is though after the passing idea of her, in my mind Gale has always lurked around the corners just observing and now that I looked around noticed her, she perches closer to me. Weird, huh?

  3. Imaginary owls. All of the fun, no owl pellets on the carpet! Everybody wins!

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