Let the winds push you forward not back … and a short update from me

Buenos dias amigos! I haven’t posted since last Sunday. The funny thing is that when I’m not supposed to be writing as I normally do it’s then when I come up with some really good ideas to post about and I usually forget to write some of those those ideas down. Anyway I’ll be returning to normal posting after the 12th due to, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my AS exams. After having finished Biology and English paper 2, I’m left with English paper 1 (which I’ll be writing tomorrow) and Biology labs on the 8th and finally Biology multiple choice on the 12th. I’ll fill you guys in more details later if I remember.

Hurricane Sandy: 10/30/2012

Hurricane Sandy: 10/30/2012 (Photo credit: ccho)

And that’s cheerful news as compared to the terror that goes by the name of Sandy. I don’t want to miss saying anything about this because I’m compelled to write about it yet I don’t relish lingering on the carnage she left in her path so I’ll try not to. I am terribly sorry for all those who have lost loved ones, homes and business that were utterly destroyed after years and years of hard work and risks. My being sorry might not help much or at all but I hope my prayers do.

I see New Yorkers slowly picking up speed again, as I’m confident others are too, and I want to let them all know that my heart goes out to them. I really admire their courage for getting up after this disaster and move on, some people have to start again from scratch, yet another year.

A lot was lost but what is life with out loss? We are reminded of what we have. It’s painful and sad, yes, but what is life with out those too? We must feel pain and sadness to know happiness and pleasure. It may be easy for me to say this since I wasn’t hurt directly, though that doesn’t imply I wasn’t not affected at all, but I want to say: things get worse before they get any better and we mustn’t dwell too much in the past because the present and the future will only be a wasted opportunity to move on and make most of what is left and what can be.

Half of my family flew to NYC early this morning for my uncle’s wedding in a relatively unaffected part of the state, and what terrible timing … I exhaled the pent up breath I was holding the entire day just now on learning on their safe landing. It’s during times like these when my appreciation for my brat sisters and my entire family are multiplied a hundred fold and I’m eternally grateful that they are safe. I’ve learned that my friends on WP (those who I’m aware of that are living in the danger zones) dodged the brunt of the storm and I breathe more easily after knowing this too, thank goodness you’re safe.

My best wishes to everyone whose lives were marred by Hurricane Sandy. Unfortunately for many tomorrow wasn’t an option but it definitely is for those that remain, so grab it in a death grip and squeeze what you can of that time … for their sake and yours.

~ Devina



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6 responses to “Let the winds push you forward not back … and a short update from me

  1. Devina, thank you for your encouraging words. I love how you’re serious and sincere but remain positive in the face of adversity. Good luck on all of your exams, I’m rooting for you!

  2. Great to hear from you. I understand that you need to keep your priorities in line and applaud you for it.

    And you’re right. Life is filled with losses of all kinds. I watched how angry people are in NYC and compared that to other disaster sites around the nation and world. People react differently, it seems to me–less demanding of help, more humble perhaps. Maybe it’s just the media showing us the people who are most vocal. I don’t know…

    • Hi Lorna! Yeah, people react differently to these situations and yep, the media usually likes to snap up and focus on the anger to me, not that I’ve actually seen any of that in the news so far. There are people lining up for gas without squabbling and neighbours and strangers are coming together to rebuild. It’s during trying times like these when everyone becomes more united, it just warms my heart to see this.

      Thanks, Lorna 🙂

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