A short thought on the global economy

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You’d have to be living in some far secluded part of the earth plus be deaf, blind and dumb as to not be aware of the unfortunate turn the international financial climate has taken over recent years. Banks are going bankrupt, people are losing their jobs, there aren’t many opportunities for us – the younger generation – to get jobs right now. Fuel prices are skyrocketing and there are more, so much more that I don’t know them all. To my understanding (which is rather pitiful as compared to that guy on the phone who had a heated discussion on a related topic on Greece and Spain) the crumble and the eventual landslide, so to speak, was a result of people spending money they didn’t have.

Some countries were more prudent than others but the fact that everybody has some relation with other countries who had been hit hard meant…

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3 thoughts on “A short thought on the global economy

    • I am going to write that down and stick it on my wall. Life’s too short to let the entire doomed world ruin the little bit I can say that’s my own. Thank you, James 🙂

      Though honestly other than the economy, I see it ending before my eyes in the people around me, they’re getting stupider and non-caring every day and since I’m surrounded a lot of them it makes the very prospect of living another day somewhat harder. But I must remember what I said, life’s too short to let the stupid spoil it for me.

      • Watch Steve Jobs’ Stamford Commencement speech and pay much attention to the closing line.

        I got 9 A*, 3 A’s at GCSE, then 4 A’s at A-level, then got bulled at Cambridge for being so dumb. Also, stop reading the daily news. You’ll feel much happier 😉

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