A thought over hot chocolate: Things we want and being content with what we have

A cup of hot chocolate is always a good start for some mind wondering and deep thinking, luckily I was reminded to stock up on some by an equally sweet friend. I can’t seem to write about anything right now. That’s good and bad. Good because I won’t be blogging after today until next month around the 12th (or so I hope, exams are perilously close but a couple of posts here and there can’t be terrible). Bad … well because it was a little frustrating that I don’t know what to write about. No, it’s not writer’s block. I’ve a brief list but the topics require more than a short thought and I don’t have time for that at the moment.

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I don’t like to write about myself too much so maybe a random thought on a morning drive will do.

I see those fields everyday I on the way to school, aren’t they beautiful! Every time I pass by I just wish that there was some way I can take the sunlit stalks of sugarcane with me everywhere with me inside and, not for the first time, a photograph just isn’t enough.

There’s something about the cool fresh morning air. The heart fluttering bird song carried in the wind. The sound of the coconut branches’ leaves rustling against each other and when it’s absolutely quiet you’d have sworn you were hearing the ocean. It really sounds like that especially when you’re close the the trees.

I was thinking I would love to surround myself with all this beauty and peace. No, I want to have it. But that isn’t really possible, now is it? Haha! I’ll settle to be content with being lucky enough to live in an area to see such a sight as often as I have.

But that led me to thinking about the desire for material stuff. One thing leads to another, you know what I mean? I believe I’m better off with what I have right now, though it’s natural to want things but I try not to want a lot. I’d rather be happy with what I have and not more, more, more … Because chances are that eventually at some point some or, if fate is unkind, everything we have can be lost forever and with all this attachment we have for these items we feel a blow to our person. Like a part of us is gone too. It’s kind of sad, really.

Maybe you’ve felt something similar when you’d lost that old fountain pen you’ve had since your days at high school (like ages ago …). I understand that with time things come to have meaning, yes, like an almost ancient family heirloom dating back probably since the 1800s and was given to you by your mother. A ring perhaps, one that’s been given from mother to daughter, or mother to son then to his wife and to the next generation.

Those kinds of items I’ve just mentioned, certainly it’s not wrong at all to have affection towards because they have memories attached to them, and more memories to add, but I’m taking about material affection on a large scale. I think it’s much safer and more rewarding to invest feelings toward the things we can’t touch, things that can’t be fought over or physically damaged. But we should come to appreciate the things that can be remembered, heard and felt.

I’m not saying I’ve achieved this state of not wanting, like I said before, but I’d like to and bit by bit I will reach a point where I’m comfortable at. It’s all about the little things in life that really satisfies us but most of the time we mightn’t notice this. Have you taken the time to see how that ‘thank you’ you said to the mailman or to a stranger who helped you up after you fell, affected him or her? That quiet and simple notion of gratitude really makes a person feel warm inside and can brighten his or her day. I know this, the feeling of being appreciated even for such a small act means a lot to me and to many others. You’ll see this on our faces and be happy that you said those couple words.

With the cane fields, the unbelievable blue of the sky this morning littered with huge white fluffy clouds and the tiny specks that were birds hovering over my head, I’m only glad that I had a chance to go about another day with my health in tact. I will remember how the breeze felt on my skin, I will remember the shade of lime green of the leaves when the sun shone in all his glory generously flinging golden beams far and wide.

No matter how far I go from home it’ll always be with me in those memories. In a way, perhaps not all, but a lot of what I have seen, touched, smelt, heard and tasted I’ll remember and then I can say they are mine because I’ve been there and lived in those moments. I can lose these if I forget them but what would be the harm in that? If I forget a memory then I won’t mind because I wouldn’t know I had it in the first place.

I want to live my life content with the shirt on my back, a stable roof over my head, with the photo album and video gallery embedded in my brain and the people who care for me and make my existence a fairly enjoyable and fruitful one, heck, even the difficult and annoying guys to spice things up. People, as I’ve come to understand, whether they are kind or horrible to us, they all have a lesson to teach us.

Methinks I’ve gone on long enough. What are your thoughts on material wants? Agree or disagree with something I’ve said? Have you anything else to add? Please don’t be shy to leave me a comment.

Cheers all 🙂


13 thoughts on “A thought over hot chocolate: Things we want and being content with what we have

  1. Beautiful photos, Devina. How do you create the slide show?

    As for material things. We all need them on some basic level. Beyond that, we want them because they ground us–they help give us definition or form. They are, in essence, “proof of life.” Our life. I think that’s why my mother can’t throw anything away. She endured WWII in Paris, France. All of her possessions were taken from her. Now she clings to the smallest of things like they are gold. “Proof of life.”

    I don’t feel that way about much. Things are things. I learned to detach myself from most material possessions when I walked out of my house after my separation, leaving behind 26 years of my life. I took very little with me. I did the ultimate in “downsizing.” I had to. He left me and I needed to start fresh.

    Interesting post. I’ll miss you, but I understand your need to focus on your priorities. You go, Girl! 🙂

    • Thank you, Lorna 🙂 When you’re uploading pictures don’t insert them right away, just save ’em. After you’ve done that you should see ‘Gallery’ next to ‘From URL’, click on Gallery and scroll to the bottom and you’ll see ‘Insert Slideshow’ so you select that as well. Of course I’m not have been clear enough, as more often than not I confuse myself, you can read this helpful post to understand better.

      I completely agree that we do need them on a basic level, we’re probably programmed that way. I believe I understand what those things meant to her given what she’s lived though. And maybe when it all comes down to it, ‘things’ in their entirety, they all mean differently to each of us, “proof of life” to your mother and perhaps “physical restraints” to someone else (like me I guess) and I suspect that a part of this depends on our personal experiences.

      As much as attachment is to “ground” us, detachment is as important; I think it’s too dangerous to put too much feeling into an object no matter the sentimental value because … how to I put this … they tie us down in a sense, they make us dependent on their existence somehow. I know it’s almost impossible to become completely ‘free’ of wanting stuff but I just want to have what’s just enough, the necessities.

      Let me say one thing: his loss.

      I’m missing out on a lot but I’ll have time enough after and of course I’ll still be paying you visits. You’ve become something of a habit 😉

    • All the best with yours, too!
      Really? Sometimes I find that surprising that I have ideas and thoughts inside my head that others might find interesting and even inspiring. Then I must post about them more. I’m just ridiculously happy that you found this as such 😀
      Drawers, what a nice way to put it. It makes me think memories can be folded and put into them, and taken out and smoothed to take a look at again!

      Awesome! I hope to get to answering your questions soon, thank you Daphne.

      • Absolutely! I walk around with the camera app running in the background every time I walk out that door. Then, Look back and see what I can talk about it 😀

      • Exactly! That i Phone’s really handy, I have to tote my Nikon all over. It’s not that I don’t love it (because I adore it) sometimes it’s too much to carry around.

        Speaking of material attachment, it’s like if there’s this bond between the camera and myself, quietly it has integrated itself with my life. Photography has become a part of who I am and it’s a little funny now that I’ve though about it. I believe you know how this feels.

      • I absolutely know! Notice how you are more carefully looking at everything now with a camera in hand? looking at the details and capturing it? 🙂

      • Certainly! I never took the time to see the intricate details of things, even the normal everyday stuff have things there hidden in plain sight and every time I do notice, I’m always blown away.

        The camera makes me more aware of these because now I give then my undivided attention when I want that perfect shot.

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