Tragic Beauty; Agustin And His Helicopter

Prepared to be inspired! Never back down when you believe in what you’re doing, what you feel is right when people ridicule you, call you crazy and hopeless, because you’d be the person with the most hope, the most content and happiest one of them all because you’re living your dreams, making them a reality.

There are those out there who would revel in your failure, will you give them a chance to laugh or will you stand triumphantly and say to them all “Well look, I did it. You didn’t stop me, and you never will” ? Bless you Agustin, I hope you’ll get to fly one day. **************

P.S The creators of the film have set up a fund to help Agustin. If you are unable to contribute financially, please just share his story. I’m sure I’m not the only one who believes that Agustin is the type of man who deserves to be known.

– Noor.

Written in the Stars

I live in the deepest depth of curiosity: where bottomless vision is served fresh each day, where honest ingenuity is the law of the land, and where practicality is only ever seen when gravely necessary. It should come as no surprise then if I tell you that I found something the other day that fortified my belief in the spirit of human ability, the courage that stems from dedicated passion, and the strength rooted in outrageous dreams.

This is the story of Agustin, the man who spent 50 years on his dream.


The world could use more people like Agustin and I feel enriched simply by becoming aware of his existence. He says, “The problem is that everything is incredible and people don’t accept it”, what a beautiful and profound sentiment. I wish Agustin a long life, I wish him limitless success, and I wish that he continues to…

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