Fashion by La Plume Noire Photography

Hi all! At The Dark Globe I had a chance to meet some really talented people. One of these is a photographer, Kirsty Pang, at La Plume Noire Photography. She’s taken some amazing photographs and I’ve gotten her permission to share you a few of her shots!

Click to visit the entire Fashion Gallery

Though it would be too short for my liking, I love that dress! Do you see those trees? The colours are simply marvelous! She excludes confidence and it would seem that for this beautiful model, the world is her runway.

There are lots more to be found on  La Plume Noire Photography.

Stay tuned!


8 thoughts on “Fashion by La Plume Noire Photography

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      1. I doubt it too. Probably covered in some contract, added to that she won’t tell you anyways. But I hear you’ve mysterious ways about yourself 😉 You could find her, which I think would be more than a little creepy. Should I be wishing you any luck at all? Lol!

      2. For all I know, she’s begging Kirsty for my full name and address as we speak so I’ll just play the waiting game. Mwahaha.

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