Au revoir to The Dark Globe

ImageI should have written about this earlier, maybe it was because I forgot or that I was too depressed to say it ‘out loud’ but reading a fellow ex-contributor‘s post mentioning it, I thought I should as well. Maybe you’ve known of The Dark Globe perhaps you haven’t but the fact is that around earlier this week Dark Jade, the blog’s creator, decided to stop operations on the blog.

It was a diverse little community we had there, a bit of almost everything to suit a broad range of interests of our readers. I won’t deny I was saddened by the news, but DJ has his reasons and I respect that. I don’t want to give false hope, but posting on TDG might or might not resume, if it does I will let you all know of it. Though let it be known that all of the contributors’ posts are still there for you everyone to have a look at and you can see us on the The Crew page.

In other news, I’m running late in this week’s Picture it and Write! challenge. Hopefully you’ll be seeing something from me tonight or tomorrow.

That’s it for now, have a great weekend 🙂


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      1. Haha I know that’s what I was going for, the theme is perfect for these types of blogs, when I get some money in the bank and we grow bigger I’ll more than likely be taking a look at premium themes, but for now this will do 😀

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