Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

It’s been a while since I took part, there’s so much to do, infinite things to think and worry about and I have only so much time.

Solitary. Us humans are social creatures but we all need time to ourselves, I know I do. The girl in this picture is one of my little sisters, I don’t know what she was thinking about but she sure looked at peace to me that day.

I cherish the time I have to myself. Sometimes I spend it immersed in thought and more often than not I drift off into a daydream escaping yet further away from the noise of company and into my head. I get a lot of reading done in solitude, no one to intrude while I delve into a strange new world that I hold in my hands, between the covers.

I believe that when were alone it is then where we learn a lot more of who we are than when we’re surrounded by others, because no one is there to obstruct our thinking.

I usually listen to music in those rare moments I snatch, mostly instrumental music, particularly Paul Mauriat’s I like Chopin and Yiruma’s Kiss the Rain and Maybe. All three of those can be found under the instrumental tab when you scroll over my music page just below the header. I’ll bid you farewell for now with my #1 favourite, Fawkes The Phoenix, a soundtrack from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secret  by the amazing John Williams.

Cheers, everyone!



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10 responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Solitary

  1. Pete Howorth

    Maybe she had really sweaty feet, I know when I have a case of the old feet sweats I like to stand in the ocean.

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  3. A gorgeous photo. At first I thought of being alone in that water. Then I thought of all the life teaming under the surface. We are never alone even when we are in that contemplative place where we are quiet inside…

  4. impressive pic, nice post. I too cherish my time alone.

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