A meaningless rant of an insomniac

Today I will tell to you a brief tale – a true one, mind you – about a girl who was tasked to get goodies on Amazon. (Click the “Read more” I you’re up to seeing a hot, but decent, pic of Zac Efron)

This is her story. * Cue the Law and Order: SVU “DUM DUM” *

Via dcrblogs.com

She was badgered (especially by her younger sister and a friend) to change this and change that. This movie now, another later. This all happened mostly on the very last day that she was supposed to press the shiny red button to finalize things, but she was okay with that … until it got really unbearable. There was a problem, and Huston hightailed out to Alaska. The problem was she had not slept a wink in almost twenty hours (she could blame herself a little for that) and not a drop of coffee because she was trying to get clean off the stuff. One could only imagine what that was like, unless you had a similar unfortunate situation then you’d know exactly.

The lass then Skyped the said friend to ask for help. (I know what you’re thinking: how hard can it be to order online? It is a nightmare when her sister was couldn’t decide between Zack Efron movies) She vented and ranted the rate at which she was zooming yonder with the loony bin in her horizon. Indeed, she convinced the friend of her impending insanity (with half a liter of coca cola in her system – which strictly isn’t caffeine … I think) as the proof could be heard in her voice, the oscillating pitch was alarming.

You’re a hottie, Zac, as I’ve come to admit aloud. Yes, you sweetie, but it’s tiring when my fan girl sister wouldn’t give me peace. It is a consolation to having seen you so much in 10 minutes though 😉
Image via People.com. Image removed for copyright avoidance purposes, sadly enough.

Brainwave! The girl gave her friend the password to her Amazon account (the lady was a trusted friend) and left the headache to her. Things happened and then all was fine. The order was successfully placed in the end … or at least that was what she was told but that was all she needed to hear. Right before our girl submitted to the soft embrace of her beloved bed, she dabbed on liberal layers of lipstick, some strokes of bronze blush and some mascara. She then turned to the full length mirror and gave herself a crazy smile that would have made the Joker stream with tears of pride, and fell on her back onto the bed, fast asleep.

The end.


True story. I swear. I know “The lass” personally, because she was me the poor dear. She got two hours of sleep before heading for her shift. Her co-workers had no clue what was to come.


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