Dear Diary (Saturday 15th Sep, 2012)


This was written early this morning. I get crazy sometimes during the night time (especially on a full moon) and the dark hours before dawn but last night I was okay, okay as in calm enough even with so much coffee. I don’t know if I can keep up with these entries as my many attempts for regular features sizzled out but I think this idea might stick because I’ll be spilling my current thoughts and I don’t have to elaborate much into them unless I choose to do so in another post or if you suggest that I should write more on a particular bit (please feel welcome!). This one isn’t much, the others will have more photos.


Date: 15th September 2012

  • Time: 1:43 AM

Dearest Diary,

There’s a flying grasshopper in my room! No! No! No! I found it when I’d just unrolled one of the pages I collected every week from The Guyana Times and there it was; tiny-ish, green and it flew the heck up into some nook or cranny! Now, generally I don’t mind bugs once they stay the hell away from me. It’s fine if they’re a feet or five away (my average at distance is dismal at best) but this particular grasshopper I fear, might jump right int- Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk! It flew right onto my left ear! Get off! Get off! Get Off!

You know, that might have been a mosquito … Where was I? Oh yes,I think we can live together for the night in relative peace but I fear it could jump right into my warm mug of coffee, a Jacuzzi it might think. Then I’ll likely end up with it in my mouth (ugh!), down my throat and in my stomach where it’ll meet its acidic end. A tragic tale it would be. Hey! Maybe I should write something on that. I am such a genius.

I’m practicing my English, yes, I know one practices maths but one usually just reads English apart from speaking it, I’m practicing it this morning. So a part of my practice will be writing a review for James’ poetry book Winter, Lust and Wonder as I thought it’ll help towards improving my commenting and deducting skills on use of various language features. It’ll be fun because I loved the book, I always do when it’s one that I can on some level relate to. I’m coming up with different approaches to make studying easier and this is one of them.

  • Time: 2:40 AM

Dear God, my foot didn’t just slumber beneath me. No, it slept like a 100 pound log knocked out from a Rocky Balboa right hook (if that made any sense to you). When I got up after writing half of the review I couldn’t feel my left foot and nearly bent it backwards. I’d know since I felt the muscles straining to attention stretching until it hurt and I nearly landed on my behind. The bug hadn’t gotten into my coffee as yet if anyone was curious. I think I should leave the review off for now because honestly half of my drive behind it was to slack off from actual school work. That is very very bad and that also means that I can’t moan about not having enough time since I’m distracted on purpose.

  • Time: 3:40 AM

I finished the review anyways, I’ll post it later. Now I’ll attempt some past papers and hopefully I’ll be off to bed, finally.

  • Time: 8:15 AM

I haven’t slept a wink. But I will. I will. I *yawn* will. The sunrise was a breath taker, as usual. Now, I’m really going to sleep.

Toodles noodles 😀


At present it’s 9:07 PM. Maybe I should publish the review now … or tomorrow? I’ll see …

Good night/morning to you, and thanks for reading, you’re always welcome to come again 🙂


7 thoughts on “Dear Diary (Saturday 15th Sep, 2012)

    • I don’t know about brave, ma’am, because I’ve given up writing a super extra secret diary for myself years ago as a result of certain people getting into it and landing my hiney in some trouble. There’s is no such thing as privacy, even in my head where my imaginary friends like to fool around.

      As for blogging about deeply personal things, I’ve barely touched them and I’m not that brave as yet to do so. What I write for these entries are the mundane thoughts (which turn out to be rather interesting) that slip easily away, things I’d normally never think twice about. In the process I come to appreciate the little moments that I have to myself.
      Thanks for visiting, Lorna 🙂

  1. Hey! Morning is here! Well from this side of the world. I love this Dear Diary post. Reminds of the times when I used to have one, only on paper. And that was back in high school. Oh now, I feel old. 😦 But this really made me chuckle, never thought you hate bugs, but I guess that just never occurred to me. I used to hate bugs, too! In fact, I still do, but then again once you become a Mom, you get less squeamish. You gotta be. I do hope that you’re looking after your health… exams are important, but your health is way beyond that. I used to be like that, too as I loved to study and sometimes wanted to achieve ‘perfection’ hahaha. The one thing we need when we seemed to have everything .. is just believe when can do whatever next best thing we’re about to undertake.

    Now, smile and chill my sugary friend. 😉 You know where to find me.

    • Hiya! Oh come on, I don’t your that old, Donah! I’m glad you like it, I’m going to write more but sporadically. Not all bugs, I like butterflies. I can understand, that little AJ of yours will soon be bringing in an assortment for you to admire if he hasn’t already 🙂

      I cannot honestly say that I’m in top top condition, but I’m doing okay. Thanks for asking 🙂 Yes definitely health over education, but sometimes I can forget that but my mom nags me so much I think she’s why I’m still among the living but I’m six years old again when I run for the hills when she brings around those yucky tonics 😦

      Ah yes, perfection, I don’t really think I’m a perfectionist but in the end that is really what I try to attain, isn’t it? I will believe, I do believe I have what it takes. It’s thoughts like those that keep me going and going. Thanks, D, I’ll do my best to chill. I really appreciate it 😀

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