“I Died Once” $5.95 All Weekend!!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls I urge you to check out James Mahoney’s latest work I Died Once. Cash in for the limited discount on Create Space going on during this weekend! You can thank me later 🙂

The Written Word

“I Died Once” $5.95 All Weekend!!

I decided to Set Up a Better DISCOUNT CODE for the First Weekend of my Completed Novella Release.

From Now Through The End of the Weekend, If You Use This New DISCOUNT CODE JNQ4P3W9 on Your CreateSpace Orders Here “I Died Once” @ CreateSpace

it will Reduce The Cost from $8.95 to $5.95

I’d like as many of you to be able to get a Printed Copy of My First Novella, without spending too much…

I know once I get it into the Bookstore, they’ll want to Charge even More than $8.95, but at least with My Online Pricing I can do Discounts and stuff if the Price is out of people’s range.

For those of you that Prefer to Pick up Copies at Amazon.com, they don’t let me do a Discount, but it is Available Here “I Died Once” @ Amazon.com

Thanks for…

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