Lilo & Stitch – Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Mark Keal’l Ho’omalu

I think this should make up for missing yesterday’s Music Wednesday. I strongly suggest that you’d watch this video before you read any further. You’ll be glad you did!

Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride by Mark Keal’l Ho’omalu & The Kamehameha Schools Children’s Chorus (the lyrics are on the video’s page on YouTube)

I came across this video on You Tube last night, along with other ones from the series. This is one of my most favourite movie songs on Disney of all time! It brought back some sweet childhood memories. Lilo & Stitch first aired as a movie and in 2002 it was made into a series that ran for about three years and I’d watched it almost every day until it ended.

In a nutshell:

Lilo & Stitchis a 2002 animated feature about a young Hawaiian girl who befriends Stitch, a mischievous blue alien that crash-landed on Earth. Stitch comes to understand the concept of ‘ohana (family) and has great adventures with Lilo.

The Disney Wiki

When I saw those huge waves, I wanted to surf with Nani and David (the girl and boy with Lilo and Stitch in the video). Nani and David, as it would seem, weren’t Lilo’s parents. Nani was Lilo’s elder sister and David was Nani’s boyfriend.

In the movie, Lilo and Stitch, we learned that the girls’ parents died a short time prior to the it beginning. Lilo was affected like any other seven year old who had gone through the same thing. She had no friends at school as the other girls would bully her, especially that annoying carrot, Myrtle. Nani became her guardian and did everything she could have to keep her sister in her custody, and away from the social worker Cobra Bubbles (hint: he doesn’t really have a bubbly personality).

She had decided to take Lilo to the pound to get her a dog and what she got was the recently escaped evil alien experiment #626, who, by some chance, passed for a dog. A weird, blue dog with anger management issues. She fell in love with him and called him Stitch.

It didn’t work out initially but eventually – as you would expect in any Disney movie – everything turned out fine. Well … almost as the other experiment, each with his/her own special abilities, made by the “evil scientist” Jumba Jookieba (another alien, he made Stitch) were released all over the island. They existed as pods but when they came in contact with water they were activated. Lilo and Stitch, through out the series, hunt down Stitch’s ‘cousins’ and help them to find the places where their unique abilities could be expressed, a home where each of them belonged and out of the hands of Captain Gantu (who isn’t really evil to the core) who was recruited to capture the experiments for the notorious Dr. Hämstervie who wanted them for nefarious reasons: Taking over the galaxy!

The art work was amazing. I wish that Disney would show the re-runs regularly. I cannot describe with words what and how I felt when I watched those videos again, especially this one, I literally cried when I did. How would you feel if you were to experience your happiest childhood moments again? Yes, that should come close.

Lilo was vivacious and spunky and I adored her as much as she did Elvis Presley! I was what, eight years old back then and I wished so hard that I’d grow up to be just like her! Haha! Yep, those were the days …
Very few such movies/shows made me feel the way this series did. One moment I’m on the floor cross legged with eyes glued to the old fashioned telly set (I kid you not! I’ll dig I picture out from somewhere and ‘ll show it to you) and the next I’m there beside Stitch while he clicked away as Lilo kicked Myrtle’s butt! Oh the hilarity! I laughed so hard my eyes teared up and my stomach ached.

I wished so badly until it hurt that I could go to Hawaii and immerse myself in the endless blue waters it’s so famous for. I wanted to go to hula school with Lilo. I wanted to sit on Myrtle while Lilo gave her what was coming to her. I wanted to go catch Stitch’s cousins. And I still do today, ten years later. Ten Years! My gosh, where has the time gone?

I know that Walt Disney himself would have shone with pride and radiated joy at the amazing and memorable creation that was Lilo and Stitch, an idea that was conceived way back in the 1980’s.

That’s all for now, my friends, but you can expect more Lilo and Stitch on this here blog 😀



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