The Power of thought: Willpower

  • Will

1- the power you have to decide on something and take action.

2- (also willpower) the ability to control your thoughts and action in order to achieve something.

The Compact Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus

Page 1057

The following was scribbled on a Post-It late last Sunday night/really early in the morning:

I just had one of my tripping out sessions but my rebooting mechanisms kicked in, before I completely lost it, with the involuntary deep and rapid gasps of air.

I think I felt the oxygen surging through the blood vessels in my brain. This impulse was followed by a self administered pep talk that went something like this:

“You can do this, Devina, because you can. Will is power. So for the love of Pete and all the saints use that power and you will triumph.”

So my will went to work and just then my foot fell asleep beneath the majority of my 140 lbs.

Will is power. At the time of writing that I didn’t understand how true those words were even though I’ve heard them time and time again. The rest of this post is what I wrote after the sticky note. Here we go.


Dang, dang, dang! Willpower is a weapon. It’s one of those things that we possess but is overlooked, and sometimes one that we often underestimate (or it could just be me).

After my brief episode, I went straight back to Chapter Four: Cell membranes and cell transport and in no less than five minutes I’d gone back into my head, snuck past that perpetually open door labeled “Daydream Meadows”. A minute later I realized that I’d once again veered off track, my efforts of concentration tossed about in the wind. I said to myself, “Back to work!” and *snap* just like that I was back to reading with an almost razor sharp focus. In a way, I had done a 180° and it surprised me so much that I had to write this down.

With just a though I commanded my own attention. I then realized how powerful the simple action of thinking was. That means if I say to myself, “I can pass my exams if I study hard enough,” then with enough force behind those words, by Jove I will get top grades! I think the key to unlocking the full potential of our will is to appreciate how influential our thoughts are to us.

Yes, our will is a weapon, if we wield it properly we’ll be able to slay the obstacles in our paths. It’s also like a muscle, one that I intend on exercising more, so that when I lift I will know that I will have the drive and ability to continue lifting until my work is finished.

As enlightening this was for me, it is easier said than done but I have it in mind to get what must done, so it’s something I’m putting much effort into. I will myself to be more focused. I will myself to be more persistent. I am who I will myself to be.

Holy smokes.


6 thoughts on “The Power of thought: Willpower

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  1. Ah this is so inspirational! It is amazing how we can command ourselves to do so much with only our will power and a positive attitude. This is one post I will refer to whenever I am feeling lost or in the sinking depths of despair. Thank you for sending it to me!

  2. This is really inspirational (and written in great English—even the part from the middle of the night). I can’t believe you’re only 18!

    “Chapter Four: Cell membranes and cell transport” is what I used to study at university. Do you know the truth about ATP?

    1. Thanks! Reading has helped me a lot and I’m still learning. Sometimes I can’t either 🙂 I think I sound a little more older than I really am written down than in reality when I can be pretty much as juvenile as a 12 year old.

      The truth about ATP? I don’t believe that I do. What is it?

  3. Inspirational, Devina. Great reminder that each of us can control what we choose to do in this moment and the next. We may not have control over lots of things in our lives, but we have control over our will. And that, as you said, IS power!

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