Sunday bloody Sunday … nothing exciting really

This morning after hitting the hay at 6AM I was awakened about 4 hours later by my little sister Lerny and the rate she was working with I shot up thinking the house was on fire. It was something close. My AC was having a bad morning and apparently thought I’d offer  some sympathy if it cried a baby sized swimming pool over my desk. My desk. With my books. MY BOOKS. This was the second time it happened, I dubbed the first one “The Great Flood” and for all the damage it did the name suited it just fine.

The AC is just above my study corner and I couldn’t fit the desk anywhere else. So after the First Great Flood I rearranged my books so that the next occurrence wouldn’t be as horrific. This morning showed that my forethought paid off. But I’m still fuming mad. Why me? Why?

Just not too long ago Lerny tripped over my other sister’s shoe on the step and fell, splitting a bit of her tongue, bending all her toes on her right foot and hitting her left elbow. I ran for the ice. Ice is always there (yeah right, I wish). I got her all comfy and sated in front of the TV with the Zee Cine Awards on. You see, I’m not very surprised. Things like this always happen to the girl, she’s even had a few stitches to prove it. Another damper on my day.

I don’t know how much better today can get. Maybe I shouldn’t have said that because in the movies whenever some one says the same thing something much worse happens to top the previous headache.

That’s it for now, I hope your day is going far better than mine.


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