Friday morning shots

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The fresh stretch of the powdery blue morning sky, light of the glorious sun, with the huge white clouds floating with no worry in the world. A beautiful sight to start the day, no?

My night-owl study session extended to the wee hours of this morning. I didn’t sleep all last night but I’m doing fine. I’m like that, I love the night and the early morning after, it’s so serene, quiet and relaxing (if you minus a few mosquitoes). I was working on AS English, I’m studying it independently right now and I have exams in November so I’m trying to finish the book.

English is such a joy to study! Before I didn’t pay much attention to grammar and the likes but now … I find it fascinating! How figures of speech, sentences, and more come together and cooperate to form language as we know it! I’m taught how to analyze excerpts, how to break the various components of the text down and make sense of it all, to read between the lines and realize that how intricate the writing craft can be. I know my writing and book reviewing will benefit greatly from going on to study advanced English.

Oh well, I’m working a couple of posts but now I think I’ll go and get some shut eye for my shift around 4 PM. *Yawn and stretches*



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2 responses to “Friday morning shots

  1. Divine! An awesome student and very dedicated. I must hire you as my tutor. I need some grammar lessons, definitely. And that excerpts you mentioned, sounds interesting. You must share the amazing knowledge you possess. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t know about awesome and dedicated *blushes*, thank you though. I’d be more than glad to be your tutor πŸ˜‰ My dad had said that English shouldn’t be a challenge to me given that I read a lot, however that doesn’t necessarily mean I’m good at language but I think I do decently. I’m have yet to grasp some concepts, and I’m a little worried right now.

      You see, I hadn’t decided that I’d be writing English in November until late last month and that I’m studying on my own makes it somewhat daunting. In high school normally my teachers assist me most of the time but now that I’m a 6th former most of my studying is done by myself, so it’s new to me, I mean to rely on myself but I try to not let it faze me.

      I keep telling myself it’s my future and it’s about time that I push the hard myself and my success will be sweeter because I worked for it. I can get easily distracted and I don’t feel that I am dedicated enough and I end up being furious with myself 😦

      I have to excel, or I can’t live with myself. Like my mom would say to me: “You can. You must. You will!”. I will share what I have learned, what I am learning and what I hope to learn. Thank you so much so dropping by, Donah πŸ˜€

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