My newfound love: Starbucks Coffee

Not am I only an ardent devotee to the chocolate gods but I’ve also had a special place for coffee. It’s been my companion on those long lonely nights spent over tombs of physics, chem and bio texts. It sat there in my favourite cup and shook and kept me awake while reading a novel that I couldn’t put down (there were many of those).

Tonight while browsing through the supermarket Starbucks’ chilled Frappuccino caught my eye. They never had those before and I needn’t a second more to linger; I grabbed one and made for the cashier. It was ironic because it was only a couple of hours ago I came across Thomas’ blog post (the one I just re-blogged) that had cited Starbucks as a pro-gay company, for that I ran back and got a second one.

I’ve yet to see a Starbucks where I am, and I think it would be a dream come true (I’m not that obsessed, erm … really). I’ve never been to any of their branches before so it was a treat to have these goodies. It was simply delicious. A creamy, caffeine  delight is what it is. I do hope this doesn’t develop into an addiction. There’s a rash that turned out on my left arm not too long ago and I refuse to believe it’s the coffee.

If I ever have that cafe I talked about, I would definitely have these in stock. I love the bottle, it’s one of those that are sturdy and have a pretty cork. You know sometimes there are those that are so pretty it just pains you to throw them away (but if you recycle you might feel better)? This is one of them, along with the Snapple iced tea bottles are on the top of that list. I collect Snapple caps, they have these random facts on them.

Do you like Starbucks’ coffee? I know some people are averse to caffeine, are you one of them?

Tonight’s going to be one of my night-owl study sessions. Thank you all for reading!


9 thoughts on “My newfound love: Starbucks Coffee

  1. In August 2011, I stopped drinking coffee and started drinking tea. (I also became vegetarian.)

    I now feel so much better! Tea can be drunk all day, whereas coffee can only be drunk once or twice. Coffee usually has more calories than tea, and it makes you jittery, whereas tea doesn’t. Tea also doesn’t make your breath smell. I write better and work better while drinking tea (usually green tea or oolong tea) than when drinking coffee. And really good tea is cheaper than really good coffee.

    Once people are in the habit of drinking either tea or coffee, they probably won’t want to switch. But I’ve tried both, and I much prefer tea. 🙂

    • I suspect sooner or later I might have to do the same. I never really drank much coffee before this year, I use it mostly to keep awake when I need to push in some serious work or to chase the drowsiness when I’m at school.

      Ah, valid points, all of them. To me I’ve been able to get my write on with coffee but I can’t say it’s better than tea because I don’t drink it much. My major peeve is being very hyper as that happens too often 😦

      That’s true. Coffee tastes good to me but tea’s much more healthier. I’ve tried being a vegetarian twice before and I’m going to again. I’m going to make it. I was inspired by Peter Burwash’s Total Health: The Next Level. I’m thinking of re-reading that as well, it’s really good.

  2. I’m glad you found a new treasure to delight in. I don’t drink coffee anymore. I used to, but my current nutritional routine restricts me to nothing but water and tea (herbal mostly, but a girl’s gotta live). It’s an anti-inflammatory diet to help with my chronic fatigue symptoms and it works, so it’s worth it.

  3. D. – if you ever make it out here to BC you will overdose on Starbucks. You can’t go anywhere without tripping over three or four of their stores. It’s totally overkill and you grow to resent it. So it’s a total mind warp to read about a place that doesn’t have a starbucks – I feel as though you’re lucky!

    Also, there are just so many better places to procure your java – so much so that whenever I’m a pinch and end up in ye olde church of Startbucks I immediately regret my decision upon taking that first sip.

    • Really? I wouldn’t mind going over every now and then, who am I kidding, I’d probably be over there as much as possible. In a way I can relate, you having Starbucks and me seeing supermarkets sprout up like dandelions, now that is annoying.

      Well, I’m very familiar with those instant fixes like Nestle and Nescafe and we occasionally have Folgers but I don’t have that many nice coffee joints in my boring and aggravating (I refer to the majority of the population) neck of the woods, if anything the place is blissfully silent on Sundays.

      I think I’ll add “Go on a coffee hunt” or something along those lines to my bucket list. Thanks like always for visiting little ol’ me, Ms.E 🙂

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