My name is Devina, I’m a virgo and my cell number is …


Just kidding! You weren’t seriously thinking I’d give my number, were you? I’ve already got a stalker on the phone and my dad is contemplating very bad things. Dads are dads already, they’ll threaten the cretins for their little girls.

I was thinking how most or possibly all of us interact with strangers in the blogosphere, how we have no idea what kind of person we’re communicating with. Which one of your ‘friends’ are the creeps, which ones are the genuine good people, which ones are the jerks, the pervs? Sometimes you can tell by the content they send out into the world, others … are pretty darn good at hiding their inner creepiness.

I believe that I’m in a good circle of people and I can’t remember of crossing paths (so to speak) with any weirdos. But I feel I should put a little bit more about me out here so no one should get any wrong ideas about me, I solemnly swear I’m not making anything up.These are a few thing I don’t mind sharing:

  • I think my name alone can tell you that I’m Indian and I happen to be a Hindu.
  • I consider myself pretty much open minded where religion and race is concerned, meaning that I’m not prejudiced against people different than me. How I figure how I look at a person depends on what they believe in. I try not to be sucked into stereotypical molds but I slip sometimes and I am ashamed of myself when I realize my mistake.
  • I love watching cartoons. I just turned 18 a couple of weeks ago, and I know I’ll be watching reruns of Pokèmon, Avatar, Loony Tunes, Kim Possible, Scooby Doo, Winnie the Pooh and some other shows that had past their prime and the newer ones (providing that they make more than an ounce of sense) until I die. I intend on being one fun old lady 😉
  • I am a Potter-head.
  • I horde books, which isn’t so difficult to believe. On my desk there are two mini towers of them, I’m comforted my their mere presence.
  • I think if I had the choice to be a librarian I’d take it, I know it’s not easy work (I used to see the look on my school’s librarian every day, need I say more?), I won’t be reading on the job but I’ll be surrounded by shelves, glorious shelves of books!
  • I’m into oldies Bee Gees, The Beetles, Foreigner. Instrumental music, Paul Mauriat and his Orchestra is one of my favourites. I love the violin and right after that comes the piano.
  • I don’t want to completely grow up, I want that kid in me to still be there. I understand that the child in us never really leaves but sometimes depending on what you’ve gone through so far in life she/he drowns in all the grown up experiences, and suffocates slowly. I don’t want that to happen to me.

I think that should suffice. I was sort of paranoid of what people might think of me but whether or not it matters I felt that I should say something. Any who, the summer’s almost over and school’s going to be reopened and I’ll start my worrying afresh.

Have a lovely evening/day 🙂


10 thoughts on “My name is Devina, I’m a virgo and my cell number is …

  1. It really is. Aw, thank you Daphne, that really means a lot to me and I can say the same to you too! I will do my best to stay true to myself but it’s one of those challenges, you know what I mean? I’m mentally sending a ton of love and best wishes to you!
    Rock on, my evil nymph friend 🙂

  2. It’s frightening in a sense that we have no idea who’s the one we’re interacting with, but I’m sure of something: you are not one of the creeps but a great friend! 🙂 Stay true. Thanks for sharing this list about you.
    Lots of love!

  3. I’m a very trusting person who believes that “like finds like.” So the good and trustworthy people out there will find me (or I will find them) and the rest? Well, we’ll never cross paths. That’s what I believe and it seems to have worked so far. 🙂

  4. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders there Ms. D. I too am weary of the interwebs and all the creeping creepers that populate its murky depths. My husband reads some of the comments I get, and I would be lying if I said he wasn’t slightly suspicious of some of the commenters motives. Most of the time I agree with him.

    It’s a strange path to walk – I want to be open and honest, but I also don’t want to open my front door and see someone I don’t know standing there.

    I too am a book junkie – goodness know we’ve got over 1200 of them populating the joint (at last count anyway.) One day they’ll crush us all! But what a great way to go, no?

    • I think I do too, my dad is responsible for drilling the right stuff into my head. Don’t I know it, not only do you have them to deal with in the real world but no, they’re not content, they bug us to death on the net now.

      Ditto. You always have to keep your guard up, be honest as you can and if we’re going to be open we might as well be open a crack but not fully. Such is life, I would always say.

      1200?! Wowzers. I’m not nearly there but I don’t mind it, and yep, I don’t mind going that way too! I’ll be paying you a visit later, I wanna see who’s the boss I’m hearing about. Appreciate you dropping by ma’am 😉

  5. I was like.. what?? she’s giving out her phone number? LOL.. Your post made me chuckle.
    Oh..I know about the creeps… scary. In fact, one of my blogger friends and I have a creepy follower! At first it all started call and normal comments and then bam! It just went weird. It really bothered me a little and tried to find ways how to block this type of peeps, but unfortunately, there’s not much you can do about it. So my friend and I just resorted to making all comments as spam! I’ve looking to change a little bit about what I post about on my blog after this experience, and that’s because I have a little one to protect.

    Glad to know you a little bit more via this post. And yes, I, too, would like to preserve the kid inside of me no matter how many kids I might have in the future. I still watch cartoons, too!

    • Lol, I don’t even have a phone of my own at the moment. I’m glad it gave you something to smile about 🙂

      That sucks, I thought we had the choice to block certain users but I just checked, unfortunately we can’t. I think you’ve decided to moderate all comments, right? I understand what you mean. Some people can be such an inconvenience, why can’t they just let us be in peace? What do the gain from annoying and creeping us out?

      Yay! What toons do you like looking at?

      • I know, it sucks! I was thinking it would be like twitter or something LOL. I try not to think too much about it now since it would only take the fun out of blogging. And I would not let anyone do that, just because they’ve nothing better to do with their time.

        I’ve watched Scooby Doo, Pink Panther (omg! – the sound to me is so catchy LOL)…I also love watching animes, I love One Piece because of the story plot, so interesting. I go to to watch them and if I’m being honest, I probably watched all of the top 20 or 50 or something LOL.I know all the lines in Shrek hahahah, I know. AJ loves it so much, so we watched over, and over again!

    • Yes it’s best to ignore it unless it gets very serious, then you should get onto WP support.

      Never heard of One Piece and hardly got to see Pink Panther because it doesn’t show over here. Shrek was funny, Donkey was my favourite followed my Pinocchio, crazy! I like those DC comic toons like Batman and Marvel’s Spiderman, you know the older ones that used to show? Oh, yeah and X-Men were awesome. I’m going to stop now before I prattle out of control 😀

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