What ticks me off: Date formats on food stuffs.

Doesn’t it irk you when you go to your local supermarket and check the expiry date on that can of corn and see 03/06/09? Is it 3rd of June 2009? The 9th of March 2006? Perhaps the 6th of September 2003? You just don’t know and when you inquire at the cashier, or ask the manager, no one can’t tell either. Is that corn safe to eat? Or will I be poisoned before I turned 20?

I am definitely sure there are consumers out there all over the world are bewildered. What I suggest is that there should be a standard international format for the expiry dates. I’m unaware if there’s already one in place, and I will check that out soon enough,  but what if producers don’t abide to it? We’re screwed (if such words offend you please let me know, my apologies if I already have) anyway. This is just a thought I fished out from some corner of my brain, I’d meant to post about this earlier but I forgot. Again.

I’m just fed and up. What else can I say?

Now have your say and rant along with me 🙂


A note to you, my valued readers: I swear sometimes because of certain words’ status that when I use them my thoughts are carried across loud and clear. Though please bear in mind that I don’t cuss with any of those heavy duty words on my blogs (except only in my head and when not a soul is in the vicinity). But if you’re averse to such language please do let me know and I will stop.

This is my blog and I’d love to have my say any way and how I want to but I respect those of you who have taken your time to read this post and those of you who return time and time again. I hope no one judges me completely by those particular set of words, because I’m not a walking mass of disrespect. Besides, it’s mean – not to mention unfair – to judge a person whom you (possibly) don’t know personally and it knocks off some karma points.


12 thoughts on “What ticks me off: Date formats on food stuffs.

  1. I don’t have driving license too, here in Singapore or in UK, some points lost means suspension of driving license. So how many karma points can we lose before being stop from walking on the street? I like your humour =)!


  2. It get frustrated when the “sell by date” is in some kind of secret code that only robots are meant to decipher or when the dates or so small you need a microscope to see them. Ingredients lists, too. Sometimes I feel like Sherlock Holmes going around the market with a big magnifying glass trying to read labels written for mice with perfect vision.

    As for the cuss words, I don’t use them either and appreciate that you don’t. The English language is rich with words. We should all become more familiar with the variety of words out there to express our feelings rather than rely on cursing.

    • Haha, oh yeah it does. I’m curious, do you really go around with a magnifying glass?
      For the Sell by date here’s what Harry said if you hadn’t seen his comment: Sell by date:- is when the goods should be sold by but means nothing about the freshness of the goods.

      Yep, that and I think it’s kind of fun when you shoot a well deserved insult at an idiot with big words and he doesn’t even know it 😀

  3. I know what you mean about date formats o_0… it can be really frustrating, let alone confusing. We have a different format here in the U of K. I believe we do it as 18/08/12 – ummm…I think that’s about right. But when I was in the US for a while, I had to change what I was so used to writing. I even got confused at one point and jotted down my birthday wrong! duh! But date formats on foods are very important. And that corn, I don’t think it’ still edible. LOL. Once you’ve found out about date formats, further, ping me! 🙂

    • I understand how confusing it can be. It’s especially important for food but usually there’s a three month extra shelf life after the printed exp. date but some wouldn’t take the chance.
      Here’s what I found:

      Most Americans will be used to the date format that puts the month before the day. As such the third of December would be written as ‘12/03/2010’. In the European date format however the month and day are the other way around, e.g. ‘03/12/2010’.

      You can read the rest of the article I got this from here at European Date Format

  4. Write how you want to no Karma points will be lost 🙂

    There is the display date:- is when a shop takes it of the shelves, this has nothing to do with and should mean nothing to the shopper.

    Sell by date:- is when the goods should be sold by but means nothing about the freshness of the goods.

    Best before date:- means the goods are at their best up to this date but does not mean you cannot eat them after the date.

    We have eat things three or four days out of date its really up to the person, tinned goods, unless they were two or three months over i would not worry about them after all they are sealed.

  5. Allow me to share this image: http://loldaddy.com/images/uploaded_pics/loldaddy.com-1324606536.jpg

    But seriously, its super frustrating. Especially if they’re products from different parts of the world. On an semi related note though, most people shouldn’t be paranoid over exp dates. With a lot of things, the exp date is usually a bit later on than the date on the can/bottle. It’s not like it turns into radioactive super botchalism the second the clock hits 12:00am.

    • Yes it is and I know that lots of canned/bottled stuff have approx. three months shelf life after the printed expiry date and that doesn’t bother me as I indulge myself in past date orange juice, it tastes normal to me.

      Though there are people who takes this matter seriously. Having worked part time at a few supermarkets I see many people refuse to buy expired food even though they’re told of the extra three months. Customers are the most important asset of any business so shops and marts should make an effort to inquire about these things. Alas, another problem is how can they keep track of the formats when, as you said, goods come from all over the world?

      The best we can do is not to freak out. Thanks for sharing that rather amusing image and commenting (:

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