Friday night happenings: A can of beer and a cup of coffee later …

This loopy fish will be explained later.

Okay, a ginger beer (non-alcoholic) because I don’t do the hard stuff, heck not even the soft ones. So what if it has around 37 kilo calories (3 700 cal)? I’m going to die a happy woman, right after running all the way to Timbuktu, just kidding πŸ˜›

Right this moment I’m hyper, like Alvin and the chipmunks on coffee hyper. I’ve been talking to my co-worker for 10-15 minutes, recounting the crazy and stupid things I did during my last years at high school with my friends at top speed and with an equal amount of high. I’ll talk about myΒ  experience with caffeine in another post.

Earlier tonight I was listening to Michael Buble’s “Have a Holly Jolly Christmas”, yes, in August. Actually I listen to his Christmas CD throughout the year because I just love it … and well it’s the only album I have of his, but that will change when I’m filthy stinking rich I’ll buy every album of the BeeGees, The All American Rejects and Mozart and a few others. The day will come.

This was what I was doing for the most part of my shift: Cutting out bar codes. I should get paid more, seriously, because it’s dull work but I get through while I day dream about the latest hot guy in the series I’m currently infatuated with. Wouldn’t you just love to know who? I will tell you … but you’ll have to wait, I will let you stew in suspense.

Okay, I’m typing this right now like an hour later after the last paragraph and by now most of the effects of coffee has worn off and I haven’t anything good to say I’m all burnt out. I would write more but the Internet connection will be cut of I don’t want to postpone another post till the next day I mean how would “Friday night happenings” sound to you when you saw it published on Saturday morning, or more like Saturday mid day or afternoon because I’ll be staying up until 4 AM tomorrow studying Biology and brushing up on some English Language. That late night/early morning session naturally means I’ll get up around about 12 PM or if I’m lucky 10- AM.

While I’m at it I might sneak a few pages out of Gunmetal Magic by Illona Andews (a novella of the Kate Daniels’ series in the point of view of Kate’s best friend, Andrea). It’s an urban fantasy suspense/thriller that I’ve come to love, and no this isn’t the book with the smoking hot guy I mentioned earlier. Reading the books from this series is like walking into a familiar room with a warm crackling flame in the fireplace, one of which that I’ve come to learn of its little nooks and crannies. Yep, it’s a darn good set of books and I recommend it to anyone above 17 or 18 because of the cussing but if you can handle it hot stuff go for it. The third book though has some scenes that will make you blush.

Ummm and I think that’s all for now folks but I swear I had something else to share but I can’t remember. Typical me, short term memory loss and even more reason to believe I’m related to Dorey, that blue fish from Finding Nemo. I was hoping to include some pictures in this post but it’ll take too long so I will post them tomorrow but you might need this post as a reference, but then again I’ll talk about each.

Till tomorrow, cheers!

P.S: I will tell you about the guy in tomorrow’s post as well. Suckers! πŸ˜› Okay, I’m sorry but please bear with me I’m a crazy girl with problems πŸ˜€



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6 responses to “Friday night happenings: A can of beer and a cup of coffee later …

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  2. I plan on being filthy stinking rich too.

  3. AJ's Mom

    I love Dorey, I think she’s the sweetest and funniest. Although I also get a laugh out load moment when the birds (not sure exactly what they’re called – umm, seaguls?) started to chime, mine, mine.
    Glad you had some high in caffeine moments;-)

    • She’s something else and what was even better was that she was voiced by one of my favourite people, Ellen DeGeneres! Yeah, those were seagulls and they were hilarious! Remember when that tiny crab got away from them by displaying some mad kung-fu skills?
      Some of my caffeine moments are the best, not to mention embarrassing! Thanks, my sugary friend πŸ˜‰

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