Site Updates

Hey there everyone 🙂 I think my sidebar needs a face lift. I’ve got too much stuff there and since I’m working on de-cluttering my life I might as well do the same for my blog. I’m working on a page that will be dedicated to some of the blogs I follow that I recommend that you should check out instead of having buttons on the bar. At some point I’ll end up changing this theme which is currently Spectrum.

What do you guys think about how this blog looks right now? Are there any themes that you think I should try out?

Cheers all!


19 thoughts on “Site Updates

  1. I’m just going to say, I’ve never gotten ANY cookies for following. You’ve enticed me enough to keep following, but that’s blatant false advertising, right there.

    • Drat! I thought you’d forget. Actually, my cookie jar has been raided and the culprit is going to be introduced to the business end of my sword of doom. I still left the cookie thing there and yes it’s blatant advertisement but I was curious to see all who suckered in 😛

  2. For the time being I’ve enjoyed every part of your little blog 🙂 It’s welcoming… like in a cute little coffee shop! And I like your button. You’ve been thinking hard on your blog design etc as I can see.
    Wishing the best for you and your blog!

  3. I too like to rearrange the look of my space every so often – it helps keeps things fresh! I would experiment with different themes, but definitely keep your header. It’s lovely and very “you” 🙂

  4. To change a theme some times is a good thing, i like the background. You do have a lot of things you could remove, not poets corner of coarse :).
    I would remove tags, random quotes, Engelbert and twitter posts just for a start 🙂

  5. I like the look of your blog! Though I suppose you could remove some of the stuff on the right sidebar if need be. I’m not experienced with themes, as I’ve been using the same one for years… good luck! (:

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