2012 Olympics: Michael Phelps

I’m sorry to say that I’ve not been keeping up with the Olympics this year but I have caught up on my top two favourite sports of the late; swimming and tennis. Frankly, I’m not a major sports buff but I can see myself becoming one and I’m currently not up to date on the terms in each sport but what I pay attention to are the men and women and their determination. I follow up mainly on the men’s tournaments.

Lets begin on the swimming, shall we? Not surprisingly, I will talk a little about Michael Phelps. This dude is a machine! I first heard of him when it was either the 2004 games in Athens or 2008 in Beijing. He shattered world records one after another and this year he’s retiring from competitive swimming because he got to do what he always wanted to. Now for some snippets courtesy of Yahoo!Sports.

For the third straight Olympics, he is the most decorated swimmer: eight medals in Athens – six gold, two bronze – at the age of 19 in 2004, his “Hello, World” moment; eight more in Beijing – all gold – in 2008, a master at the height of his powers; and now six more in London – four gold, two silver – in a display of both fallibility and resilience that ended with three straight golds.

“I’ve been able to do everything I’ve wanted,” he said. “Bob [Bowman, his coach] and I have somehow managed to do every single thing.” [Phelps]


At his last race, the 100 meter relay with team mates Adrian, Hansen and Matt Grevers, Phelps sealed his Olympic career with a final gold medal after which he was presented with the FINA statue. The inscription on the trophy declared Phelps, “The Greatest Olympic Athlete of All Time.”

There is not a significant superlative Phelps does not own. Most Olympic medals. Most Olympic gold medals. And if, as some say, swimming skews the numbers because of how many medals are awarded, answer me this: What’s the record Phelps surpassed?

Answer: 12. He didn’t just surpass that mark of medals won by an individual swimmer, he nearly doubled it. He’s done to the Olympic medal records what Jerry Rice did to NFL receiving records.


Yep, I turn to Yahoo! for this stuff when I could have known ’em all by heart if I had kept up years ago, I regret not having paid due attention to the Olympics and the amazing athletes that compete for the gold medal. Micheal’s journey to the top wasn’t an easy one, he had some real bad times, time when it looked like everything wouldn’t turn out well but he pushed and worked and got to where he is today.

Phelps may be an “Olympic hero” as I’ve heard one reporter saying and which is a fact, well as far as I’ve seen, but there are other athletes that push their abilities to the max, to their limit and dazzles us. Winners and losers, gold, silver, bronze medalists or the ones with out any but tried their utmost best, they all inspire me to do my best in whatever it is that I want to pursue, they are my role models and Michael Phelps, in my opinion, is the poster boy. I’m not too sure if that made any sense to you folks but in my mind it makes perfect sense.

I wish I could hang a poster of him on my wall just to remind me to just keep swimming despite what comes my way, to encourage me to give it

my all. Unfortunately, in my home there’s a policy that states hanging/pasting stuff on the walls are not allowed, nothing formal but it goes with out saying. I’m still putting him up, I’m feeling rebellious today 😉

Thanks for reading! Are you guys enjoying the games so far?



2 thoughts on “2012 Olympics: Michael Phelps

  1. I’m going to let you know just how old I am with this comment. I had a poster of Mark Spitz with his 7 gold medals on the back of my bedroom door. He was the Olympic Phenom back in the Dark Ages, and man oh man, was he handsome! But you’re right, Phelps seems super human, especially to someone like me who struggles with the “dog paddle!”

    • Oh, that’s a respectable age, ma’am 😛 We’ll you tempted me and Google let me know just how much a looker he was in his heyday; very. Walked away with seven gold in ’72 only surpassed by Phelps by one in ’08.

      He certainly seems super (and super cute, if I may say so), my dad suggested it’s because of his build and I’m inclined to believe him. Phelps has a streamlined torso, double jointed ankles, big feet and a couple other features that contributes to his success as one bad ass swimmer.

      I can’t swim too. A doggie paddle is above my capabilities 😦 It sure sucks to know we’re not going to see him in Rio in 2016 but I will make an effort to get acquainted with the contenders. Thanks for coming by and commenting 😀

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