Saturday morning happenings: A post overdue

I’ve a nasty headache coming on and right about now I’m wishing I’m five again, and I’m feel like kicking myself in the behind. Why? I haven’t been eating right (not that I don’t want to I just don’t feel like stomaching anything, I’m not anorexic if anyone was wondering). Back then (when I was 5) I just stood there watching life go by so slowly, like swimming through sweet sticky honey, with my sippy-cup in hand and was blissfully


ignorant of all the bad things that were happening all the time + no responsibilities except for packing up the toys when I was finished playing. It was just a wish and in retrospect running from responsibilities is so uncool. As for kicking myself, it’s nothing new and I’ll talk about it in my next post.

The following was supposed to be posted on Saturday but things happened and stuff got changed; life happened. So I’m writing it now just as I wrote it Saturday morning.


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It was a dark stormy night (technically it’s morning, 1:33 AM to be precise but it was dark and certainly stormy) and I got a room for myself, a rarity (if I explain why it’ll take forever and also because I’m a little lazy).

As I write this, I sit on my bed directly opposite an almost full length mirror (that’s older than my days on this earth) covered by a sheet. Why? Lightning was making its dazzling appearance rather frequently (along with its buddy Thunder) so it wouldn’t reflect and blind us (I kid, it wouldn’t … or I don’t think it would because I’ve seen it reflected before) but it’s just a habit, my mommy prefers it that way.

And this is the scene before me.

I’m seeking help from the Chemistry Workbook for Dummies (I dislike the last bit though I understood why it was named what it was) Anyways, I just love it! The authors’ are hilarious and I grasp certain mind numbing concepts in a snap or two.

To my left lies temptation.

You could count out the dictionary if you want. I got the Archaeology one when I thought I’d be Indiana Jones and though it has no practical use I occasionally flip through. Interesting stuff, folks.

I’m currently reading Hemingway’s A Farewell to Arms at a leisurely pace, personally it’s not a book to burn through, you’ve got to take sips.

Kim Possible will have a post to herself (if I remember to write it that is) Back when I was a Disney Channel junkie (and I still am) I was a huge fan of K.P and if they started showing re-runs I would still watch it with the fervor of my younger self as I had before. The book in the picture was The Kim Possible Files and was cool except for the bits where she constantly reminds us that she saves the world (an-noy-ing) but still I liked it. But boy, it’s only with grown up ears do we realize how corny some of our favourite cartoons are (applies mostly for Pokemon, though I am still a fan, and I don’t give a flying fish what anyone says about it)

Stieg Larsson’s The Girl Who Played With Fire was just sitting on the shelf catching dust (I already began reading but I put it down), but not for the lack of entertaining nail biting content. Actually, I’m restraining myself these days *gasps*  I tell the truth. That is why my 2012 Goodreads challenge is set so low for only 20 books (I’m not bragging, really) but it’s more likely that I’ll increase it close to year end, after my dreaded but very important exams in Oct/Nov.

Book reviewing hmm … I began reviewing when I just started off on Goodreads and looking back at those reviews today I see them lacking. I’m able to see how I can improve through reading other readers’ reviews especially on Amazon (the Vine Reviewers) and others across WordPress. I’ve recently joined the contributors at We Heart Reading where I submit some of my revised reviews and my latest ones when time permits.
Time has the most annoying habit of sprouting wings and making a bee-line out of the window when you least need it to, vice-versa. Sometimes I wonder if I use Windex that time will hit the squeaky, shining not-really-there window glass and slow down!

I left my camera outside before taking these shots so I had to tiptoe out of the room, the process includes sliding out a deadbolt and turning a slightly rusty door knob and trying to skip the creaky floor boards. I quit the stealth mission (barely close to one) halfway because I was almost sure dad could have heard me anyways.

I should really be reading up on “The Mighty Mole” and Avogadro’s Constant (that guy did come up with the shebang, who could have guessed?) instead of scribbling away this at … what time is it … 2:08AM. I’ll be amongst the living dead later today, count on it, but thank the Gods for my chocofe recipe (hot chocolate + coffee blended, nothing fancy)

A well, this was just another inside view of my relatively boring life, not much going on except raining cat and dogs and bunnies and the occasional rumbling thunder.

Top of the morning to you (don’t ever say this in Ireland, because no one really says that and straight away locals know you’re a foreigner, quite embarrassing really) folks that share a similar time zone with yours truly and a pleasant good night to you people on the opposite side.


So that was that. Cheers!



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