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I’m going to let myself go here and at times this might pass for a rant but a rant that really has a purpose to fulfill;  to convince suicidal morons to wake up from the destructive haze they walk through and the people who think they’ve got it worse than everyone else.

After learning of the horrific Colorado shooting and reading this article I just burst into tears that I had to dash out of my cubicle, being halfway across the globe couldn’t separate me from feeling the grief of this loss. Right now I feel as if a ton of bricks just fell on top of me, and one got logged in my stomach making it harder to wade through the rest of the day. I’m a fairly religious person and couldn’t help but ask Him that why did so much life, beautiful life that had so much potential and dreams, so much to live for, had to leave this earth and at such ripe ages.

I don’t know what had possessed that monster (I refuse to have his name posted in any blog of mine) to have done such a thing! According to this CNN article he claimed that he was ‘The Joker’  to the police that arrested him, what he was was a homicidal lunatic with guns and no respect for life. I suspect he’ll be sentenced to life imprisonment and I’m on the fence where the unsavory death sentence is concerned but under such a circumstance I feel that most certainly people will be demanding it. I struggle to decide which stand to take but I’ll dare to be blunt and say that death for such a creature is too soft a punishment but but there’s a conflict inside of me contradicting that very statement as I consider myself a pro-life person. He should live through every single day of his life and repent, that is if he’s capable of remorse, with these lunatics you can never tell. I’m sorry if I seem to be a terrible person for saying what I just said, but I won’t lie to myself and I won’t lie to you.

These people who’ve lost their lives in a flash could have been you or me, blissfully unaware of the events of the next few seconds and our fate. They didn’t want to die, one of the deceased was a six year old little girl, for crying out loud, who had recently learned to swim and was excited about growing up. One guy used his body to cover his girlfriend from the spray of bullets.  She made it, he didn’t. Such selflessness renders me incapable of speaking without lapsing into another bout of crying. I can’t bring myself to write more about the lost anymore.

Those of you out there contemplating suicide, don’t do it. Don’t pull the trigger. Don’t drink that poison. Don’t jump off that building. Don’t crash your car. For the love of life and all things holy, just don’t. It’s a selfish thing to do, you – the suicidal – only care about escaping from your pain not realizing, not thoughtful enough to see the pain you’re causing the people who care for you. I hold those who have picked themselves up and moved on despite the odds in high regard.

Whenever I feel as if my life is hell, I always bring the often talked about ‘people in Africa’ and the ones desperately trying to cling onto life in the war zones across the world to the fore front of my mind. Next to them my worries seem so insignificant that I’m ashamed of even whining in the first place, but being human I will worry about me sometimes but I always remember there’s always someone out there that’s fighting a harder battle than I am like the families and friends of the victims. They’re living a nightmare

Like what Patrick Dyike had written in his last post, I can’t make any sense of it all. Why these things happen, I don’t know but as I think about it and I agree with Patrick again that sometimes they happen simply because they/he/she wills it like this man did because he, like everyone else, was blessed with the ability to think and act for himself and he abused this privilege and God had no hand in this but a man with a gun. I sincerely hope with all my heart that life gets better. I really want to believe that there’s more good in this world still left than the evil amongst us. It’s hope that keeps this world going, I know this.

I prefer that Batman and the villains he packs off to Arkham Asylum remain in comic books and in the movies. This really makes you think twice about wishing that the world with your favourite comic hero really existed.

These people, the victims of this massacre, had so much to offer to this world but we lost them for no rhyme or reason and I think we should all be thankful for everyday we have and the people with whom we share them with.

I  wish all the best to you and yours.


“Yesterday was the history, tomorrow is the mystery, but today is a gift, that’s why it’s called present.”



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