On the wire

This is one of the many kiskadees in the area, it’s also known by some as the Yellow Plantain as its yellow breast is quite distinctive.


Cherish every day

Via poetart.com

I’m going to let myself go here and at times this might pass for a rant but a rant that really has a purpose to fulfill;  to convince suicidal morons to wake up from the destructive haze they walk through and the people who think they’ve got it worse than everyone else.

After learning of the horrific Colorado shooting and reading this article I just burst into tears that I had to dash out of my cubicle, being halfway across the globe couldn’t separate me from feeling the grief of this loss. Right now I feel as if a ton of bricks just fell on top of me, and one got logged in my stomach making it harder to wade through the rest of the day. I’m a fairly religious person and couldn’t help but ask Him that why did so much life, beautiful life that had so much potential and dreams, so much to live for, had to leave this earth and at such ripe ages.

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