Young girl in love


She’s just a girl

Never been in love

So badly wants to feel its embrace

But what lies in her chest

Is a heart hardened by the tales and

Thoughts of heartbreak and heartache

Not naive as to think that a prince will

Find her someday, somewhere

And have a happily ever after

For she knows the world doesn’t work that way

All she does is dream from a distance

And hopes her forever-love comes her way


© Devina S.

I had originally posted this on Poet’s Corner.

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5 thoughts on “Young girl in love

    • Thank you 🙂 Apprehension, a big yes. Being human, we’re capable of so much love but who is it, that one person amongst the millions is someone supposed to find ‘true love’ with?
      I think we both know that there a people who use it as a mask, hiding behind it their ulterior motives and I find it down right despicable. It’s because of this and the odds, where apprehension grows and pulls up one’s guard. I guess all it takes is … faith, trust and perhaps a little pinch of pixidust 🙂

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