When I grow up

Via britishgoods.com. I was having me one of these.

Post was written Saturday night (14th) at various locations (most of which are need-to-know so don’t bother asking, you won’t believe me)

It turns out that I’ll be bumping into things until Monday. I’m so pissed to having wait so long, I’ve become dependent on my glasses so much it’s almost unbearable. I’m not a contacts person, I’ll more than likely fall asleep with them and then my eyes with end up stuck closed. And as for laser surgery? Forget it.

Dad was saying to me tonight that one of my aunts from England is in New York on work for the bank she works for and she said to my dad that she knows of some good English courses over there. Then dad says “You can have a doctorate in English if you want,” that’s when a huge smile claimed my lips and then I saw he was looking at me smiling too. I tried not to smile because the idea of teaching English really appeals to me, though I never thought of it before. Then my gran puts in that I won’t have the patience, but heck, even she was smiling.

I didn’t say anything. Why? It was beyond me why my mouth didn’t work, but I’ll definitely think about it. I got three straight As in English Language in my final exams in high school when I was a Science student, maybe I should have been in Arts instead but I liked science more back then but I still do now though Chemistry and I are on shaky ground. Physics? BLEH. Biology? Yes please. Human and Social Biology? I aced it.

It was during my last years in high school that I came under the spell of English. Words, they meant more to me, they seemed more important than they were before. I didn’t realize how much words can be twisted and rearranged to make something beautiful.

Right now I have in my mind to study environmental law, I could be a consultant to companies on how to reduce emissions and pollutants. Dad had talked me into that as well, and really it makes sense. I despise people who don’t give a damn about the earth and only about the ‘ca-ching’ at the end of the day and if I have to go in there and tell ’em what to do and how to do it, then fine. But you see I’m not too sure what it is I really want to do for the rest of my life and daddy dearest tries and gives me some ideas.

There’s this one time I wanted to be an archaeologist. Yep, that’s right I wanted to be this guy

But I knew such a life isn’t exactly like his, hiding from the evil Nazis, hunting for the Holy Grail and the likes but it was the history that attracted me but it was a matter if I could stand living in the conditions that this job demanded of me. Am I passionate enough? I thought I was but then dad came and told me I should consider taking up something that I can actually support myself, again am I passionate enough to go through foul weather on my knees digging up God knows what – with all due respect and all – maybe I wasn’t …

The one thing I’ve always come back to was medicine and looking at the likes of it, I’d rather be teaching English, I know I don’t have the drive necessary, saving people’s lives is enough to get me going but still … However if I absolutely had to be a doctor you bet your paperclip collection I will be one.

I was at a loss. My parents support me, my dad actually agreed to the Indy Jones plan but he was skeptical, mom just stared at me when I told her and then she laughed, not much support there though.

So when dad approached me with the environmental law I jumped at it. The man knows me that much. But since it was the most appealing career choice I stuck with it, now the English plan (it sort of is a plan somewhere in the back of my brain) comes along. I’m not totally sure yet, heck I bet a majority of kids my age didn’t down what they would be, some swerved 180 degrees from their original paths, me? We’ll see.

As I’m writing this on the kitchen table, my little sister is telling me to shake my booty. We’ll sis, my hiney isn’t in the mood for shaking.



Note: Some might be confused if I’m finished with high school but I’ve mentioned that I’m still doing Chemistry but I’m not yet in collage. Actually I’m sort of still in high school but I’m in 12th grade an extra level where we do advanced levels.


7 thoughts on “When I grow up

  1. Dudette. I promise you that whatever road you choose to travel down, there will always be a chance to make a right or left turn should you choose to pursue a different path.

    For instance, my husband graduated from uni with a double major in Classics and Medieval studies, and didn’t know what a working knowledge of Latin/Ovid/Chretien de Troy/etc. would get him, so he finished his carpentry ticket and became a journeyman carpenter. He spent four years building amazing things, and then one day decided that he wanted to be a teach. And now he is a highly sought after English teacher, only six months after completing his program!

    No door is closed forever! Especially when you are as passionate and plucky a lady as you 🙂

    • I really hope it’s going to be like that. Mr.M’s story is inspiring, there’s so much to do then eventually I’ll find something to channel my energy into, like how he finally became an English teacher.

      Thanks so much for the encouraging words Ethel, and the compliment too 😀 Let’s see where I’ll end up.

  2. britishgoods.com, if only there was one for American goods. There’s this punch over there that was the best thing I’ve ever tasted but we don’t get it over here. I remember I had two cases of it shipped here once but I cant remember what the website was.

    Everything on there seems overpriced, $1.90 for a Crunchie?!

    Anyway, you should think about getting laser eye surgery, a friend of mine used to wear really thick lensed glasses and now he doesn’t wear anything, he said it didn’t hurt too, maybe it’s just the thought of being blasted in the face with a laser? It’s only a matter of time before we cure blind people I tell you!

    When I was younger I always envisioned either being a website/graphic designer or secretly a writer, it’s pretty interesting to see which one is starting to finally play out.

    English teacher is a good shout, when I was at school, say my final year, I used to teach the 6 year olds how to read at another school nearby. But as I’ve grown older, I’ve grown to hate children.

    • Can you remember what the punch is called? Maybe I can find it somewhere, I surprise myself sometimes. That Crunchie is definitely overpriced, I get it here for 85 cents.

      Good for your friend, but I just don’t want to be a victim of malpractice (I saw a movie about that the other day w/ Jessica Alba), the amount of faith one puts in a doctor … but I’m just paranoid. Jesus crackers, I blanch at the thought of being blasted with a laser.That’s true, the way medicine is advancing it’s amazing what can be done today, treating the blind might be one of those.

      I think we’ll be seeing the writer soon, you must be feeling a bit excited right about now:)

      I think I might actually go for it, the teaching, and I’m also thinking of getting some of my poems published in the future, I think their decent enough to be in print.
      They’re little monsters, I can attest to that as I live with four of them. But come on, surely you must have enjoyed teaching them to read?

      Thanks for visiting, Pete. Hope your book’s coming along well 🙂

      P.S: Check this out! http://www.cadbury.co.uk/the-story It’s inspiring and I’ll write about these guys sometime soon, definitely will.

      • Yes but, that’s a film, where as this was in real life and if you do suffer to malpractise, you’ll be rolling in cash and can send some my way for giving you the idea in the first place! 😛

        I don’t mind children in short bursts I suppose, it was cool being 16 and younger kids calling me “Sir” or “Mr. Howorth” that’s the only reason I’d be a teacher!

        I think the drinks called Hawaiian Punch, I think that’s the right stuff, there’s an American sweet shop about an hour away where I live that apparently sells it so I may take a drive tomorrow and check it out, screw looking for work hah!

        The books good, I’m just adding to it at the moment before I actually go ahead and edit it, I’ve got so many ideas for another novel too, I want to plan the next one out properly though as this first one I wrote on spur of the moment.

        Good find with the Cadbury site, I’m gonna check that out now, I’ve actually been to the Cadbury factory when I was a kid on a school trip, yummyness! 😀

      • Eventually I might get around to the surgery, for now … nope. Lol, I will!

        Yeah, I know the feeling with those little imps looking up to you with expectant eyes. For a time I helped teach fifth grade and kindergarten so now I’m “Miss” I do my best to avoid the really small ones.

        Another one already? That’s awesome to hear, keep it up! 😉

        You’ve been there?! It’s on my list of places to visit before I die *sighs*

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