When I grow up

Via britishgoods.com. I was having me one of these.

Post was written Saturday night (14th) at various locations (most of which are need-to-know so don’t bother asking, you won’t believe me)

It turns out that I’ll be bumping into things until Monday. I’m so pissed to having wait so long, I’ve become dependent on my glasses so much it’s almost unbearable. I’m not a contacts person, I’ll more than likely fall asleep with them and then my eyes with end up stuck closed. And as for laser surgery? Forget it.

Dad was saying to me tonight that one of my aunts from England is in New York on work for the bank she works for and she said to my dad that she knows of some good English courses over there. Then dad says “You can have a doctorate in English if you want,” that’s when a huge smile claimed my lips and then I saw he was looking at me smiling too. I tried not to smile because the idea of teaching English really appeals to me, though I never thought of it before. Then my gran puts in that I won’t have the patience, but heck, even she was smiling.

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