A day without glasses

… is a blurry one. Last week Wednesday I’d gone to the optician to get my eyes tested. It’s about one year now now that I got my first pair of

It looks really purple in the sunlight.

glasses but I really knew that my sight was getting worse when I had to constantly borrow Ann’s glasses to see on the blackboard. According to Dr.Fries, that’s really her name, I need lenses with twice the prescription of my first ones and I see better with my right eye than with my left, weird.

I’m going to still use my old frames so when dad went to town (miles and miles away) this morning, along with him went my glasses because Doc received my new lenses from Pete-knows-where. That means today until he comes home I’ll have to go about working with the eyesight almost equivalent to that of a bat and it’s annoying! Now everyone gets to see my dark circles aka my raccoon eyes. Aaarrrgggg, then I’m like screw it because it’s no use crying over what I can’t change (lately the earliest I hit bed was like 10PM) I suffer from CNO syndrome (Chronic Night Owl Syndrome) and I’m not big on makeup.

Right now I’m calming myself down with my sweet old friend whom I haven’t met in a good while:

Ice cream sundae on a Thursday!

 I’ll let you know that I’m comfortably chubby but it won’t hurt to lose a few but I refuse to deprive myself of earthly delights. I’ll probably go for a run tonight since I’ve found my iPod for the hundred millionth time after losing it as much. Call me picky but I can’t work out without music, or Bryan Adams for that matter. Otherwise it’s just me and the mindless droning of the treadmill and I’ll just give up before halfway even while I try to come up with some idea to write about. Music+exercise+thought = recipe to stir the creative juices.


My glasses will be mailed to the optician’s branch nearby. TOMORROW! ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME? My head’s beginning to hurt like the Hulk bouncing around in there on a sugar high and now I’m grumpy. Oh suck it up Devina, it’s not the end of the universe as we know it … but then again we don’t know much about it, now do we?

I’m going for that run now, then I’ll come home, freshen up and complete writing the short story I’m working on or a poem that’s wriggling it’s way through the clustered disorganized grey matter in my head, and try to hit bed early as possible (it’s now 7:35PM) so that is probably around nine-ish, ten-ish. Oh fudge, homework … I forgot. It’s not terribly hard to forget that stuff.

Who cares what I’m up to, surely a play by play of my boring timetable is of no use to you, nevertheless I hope that you found even a grain of entertainment while reading this.

It’s a foggy world out there folks, not everyone sees it 😀




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10 responses to “A day without glasses

  1. Pete Howorth

    I can confirm that I did NOT know where your doctor received your new lenses from.

  2. Lol I wear glasses too and don’t worry it’s normal that you see better with one of your eyes than the other… 🙂

    • I’m trying not to freak out, Daphne, but after hearing a few other people having the same thing I’m a bit more relaxed that I’m not alone 🙂

  3. To say that I adore you (and this post) is not even half of it. You are such a light Ms. D – I so enjoyed reading this post.

    I too wear glasses – although my eyesight isn’t all that bad and somehow my prescription hasn’t changed in the 15 years since I got my first pair. My right eye also sees better than my left.

    Enjoy your sundae, enjoy your runs (with the help of Bryan Adams of course), and enjoy your new specs.

    • Oh gorsh, thank you Ethel 😀 I’m glad you did! Lucky you, at my rate I’ll be legally blind in no time. The sundae was heavenly and the run was even better, Mr. Adams was such a delightful companion, he-he. You know, until I got to my uncle’s I realized I was wearing two left shoes! Once side was from my sister’s pair, thankfully no one noticed.

      My specs won’t get here til late afternoon 😦 Oh well, at least they’ll be here eventually but I promise you that I will make lots of noise if they don’t work.

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