It’s always the time to stand up


Bullying, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives, in various ways and we can a see it all around. Kids are being picked on in school, even to adults being taken advantage of at the work place. But I want those of you who are reading this, that are going through this awful experience, to know that it’s okay to be frustrated we can’t help it at first but that doesn’t mean you let this terrorism to dominate your lives.

It has to stop and you, as an individual has a voice, speak up, initially it might seem daunting but you can do it, know that. Even for those who don’t (cannot speak, that is) let someone know, in fact, voice or no voice you need to let your friends and family know, even a favourite teacher because no one has to face it alone.

I’ve been bullied while I was in high school but I’ve gotten over it after finally just being fed up of seeing the foot prints all over me of my bullies after being walked all over by them. I didn’t think about telling anyone, I’ll simply go home and lock myself up in the bathroom and let my tears rain down until I feel empty and hollow, so then their words didn’t seem hurt so much. Fortunately, my experience hadn’t affected me as much as it had others. I imagine that my life would have been much easier if I had confided in someone.

When it comes to standing up to your attackers – yes, that is what they really are, they assault your confidence and your potential – approach them with a clear and sober head and a level temper, have a friend with you in case things turn sour.

But don’t you ever wonder why these people bully in the first place? Understanding this just might be the key to eradicate or at least reduce it. Some people are plain mean, unpleasant, malicious or spiteful – all of these synonyms – and think that they’re above you and me. I think it would be right not really hate (a word constantly being overused) them, but you should try and find it in yourself to be sorry for them. Sorry because they’ll probably never know what it’s like to appreciate, to be kind or have good friends. They are missing out on the sweetest things in life.

I believe that many of them would have had troubled childhoods and it’s very likely that they themselves have been victims of bullying! It’s not genetic, it’s a social disorder, I suppose, the abused have become abusers. A cycle. It must be broken. Why not just show a random act of kindness towards them? Go up to him/her/them and ask why they do what they do, that is, providing that he/she/they is amiable enough, keep in mind that not everyone is.

Maybe that’s all your bully(s) need, somebody to be kind to them may be because they’ve lived or are living in constant oppression and fighting their way through their lives and the people they meet is the only way they know how to act. You can never tell, you might find a true friend in the most unlikely person. But the reality is that not everyone of them can be helped, there are hopeless cases out there but you’ll never know until you reach out …

I’ve both criticized bullies and maybe given you a little insight, but no matter their backgrounds their actions are wrong and hurtful and must be stopped. If you know someone that’s being bullied let the right people know, like I said it could be a parent, a teacher, the principal, the boss, or a friend.

Persons are more aware of this situation now that it’s being talked about on the television, in the newspapers and on the Internet (like this post!), there are more people that are on the lookout. The more the bullies see that they’re going to be in trouble the less likely they’re going to pick on the weak. Get up and stand up for you, for your friends and even the stranger on the sidewalk.

I was prompted into writing this after I saw a blogger friend of mine, The Evil Nymph, re-blog a post on bullying titled *It’s plain wrong. Oh..and unfair too! (Bullying in school) from over at The Diary of Lex Keridwen.

Thank you all for coming by and reading,

* Evil Nymph had informed me that this post was taken down for personal reasons by it’s author, so you’ll meet a Page Not Found coming up if you click on the link.

The post it up again, so check it out!


10 thoughts on “It’s always the time to stand up

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  1. Hi 🙂
    Awesome post on bullying! You’re right, nobody should face such a situation alone. Even these bullies…help is there for everyone if you look for it 🙂
    By the way, thanks for mentioning my post in yours. It’s back up there in my blog now so anyone can read it 😀

    1. Thank you, and I agree, it is about time and if we don’t keep pushing things can get a lot more worse, for both the victims and the bullies. Yes, a good understanding of the causes behind this sort of behaviour will definitely give us something substantial to work on if we’re going to make progress.

  2. Too bad but the post that I reblogged has been deleted for special reasons.
    Anyway thank you so much for this inspiring and uplifting post! True, no one deserves to be bullied, but although we might not realise it, it’s the bully who has problems… :/ Everyone needs help in their life, and unfortunately some find a way out by bullying.

    1. Oh, I see, I’ll add a note. Unfortunately they do, frankly I don’t know how they can live with themselves. They need to come to terms with their problems … I was fortunate enough to see your re-blog or I’m afraid I wouldn’t have written this 🙂

  3. I wholly agree with your perspective on the subject of a bully’s life. I’ve written about the blind ambition that drives the attack on another. It would definitely help for more people to accept the nature of bullying and why it happens to begin with. The target does have an ultimate responsiblity towards reaching for support and and understanding the bully and target relationship.

    Your article is refreshing and very helpful and may write much more for the years to come.

    1. Exactly!But I’m afraid that there are bullies out there that aren’t even conscious of their actions, I believe those are the most dangerous. Thank you, I’m glad you found it as such 🙂 I’ll write more, count on it, I just hope my words have helped someone who really needed to hear them.

      1. And the part on danger is where we (who write and are keeping track) might keep in mind that when the line of pathological behavior is crossed, there lies a whole different story. Here we are talking about criminal action instead of social bullying. The latter is not categorized or even considered as a lawless offense. When someone with a history of being the target is physically hurt, then it has officially turned into a crime. Even physical damage to a parent’s property by the child can be considered worthy of consequences by law. But the parent has to actually pick up the phone and get the matter corrected (with help from law enforcement). Such behavior is not going to be rectified by the target, if consequences are not realized.

        Thank you for commenting on my comment.


      2. That’s a darn good point you have there, David. Criminal actions of this sort, the way I see it, is an advance stage of bullying but it is more recognized and is taken more seriously. I agree, the parent has to take the initiative and lay out what’s going to happen, as you’ve said the consequences, or we’re going nowhere in resolving this issue.

        Thank you for your input, it helps to think from different angles. No problem, your thoughts are always welcome here and I do my best to respond 🙂

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