Something you didn’t know about moi and how it changed my life

It’s the truth, I’m telling you and I won’t ever deny it and I don’t care what you Twi-hards (Twilight suckers I mean fanatics) have to say about it. What? You mean you don’t know?! *Gasps* Okay, okay, it’s my own fault that I didn’t make it public here on WP (though I think I mentioned something in one of those Tag game posts + my Twitter username is @GryffindorGal1) that I’m a Potter-head, a Harry Potter fan until the end of time! I’m not infatuated, I was with Twilight I’ll admit in all honesty, but Harry Potter is forever, my friends, FOREVER! Oh and I recently changed my gravatar that might give a hint.

A chunk of my heart in seven volumes!

As to how it changed my life …

It was during the summer of 2010 when I somehow ended up on a Wikipedia article on Harry Potter – I’d see almost all the movies released up to that time but I didn’t care for it much back then – but as I kept on reading how Mrs.Rowling came about with the shebang I was hooked, without actually being aware that I was being reeled in … Until I got the first two books: The Philosopher’s Stone, The Chamber of Secrets and unfortunately the last one, The Deathly Hollows. Unfortunate because after I finished the first, I went straight on to the second then I realized I couldn’t go on to the end without reading the rest first. I know some people that would go ahead and read but that’s nonsense to the 1st degree … or is it 3rd? I really can’t tell which is worst.

I’m getting to the “how it changed my life” bit now. Prior the this series I hardly read at all. Seriously. I’d borrowed Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm from the school’s library and read just for the heck of it and barely remembered anything … well I knew there was something about soap involved … anyways, there were other books that I read in a similar manner, fast and not caring, and now I regret to having read like that and for the life of me I can’t remember half of their names!

Harry Potter kicked open this door to indefinite possibilities; unlocking the inner realms of my imagination that, had until then, remained closed because of my ignorance; ignorance of the written/printed word and the magic and wonders they hold, their ability to stimulate these images in my mind that rendered movies unnecessary (though the HP movies were totally amazing and lived up to expectations of great recreations of the books)

If I had not developed this love of reading I think I wouldn’t have an appetite for blogging, or short story and poetry writing. I would not have known the pleasure of getting lost between pages, finding solace within them. These things are essential parts of who I am and Mrs.Rowling helped me to discover that and I’ll be forever indebted to her.

If I open any one of the seven books I’ll feel exactly the same way I had when I first read it two years ago. Each one has it’s own atmosphere that envelopes me and I actually feel like I’m in the story, looking over Harry, Ron and Hermione’s shoulders. I don’t know how to effectively describe how Harry Potter affected me but I’ll end by telling you a little of what I’ve learned that I’ll carry with me for always …

Death, it’s inevitable, that I knew but it just became more real somehow. Maybe it has to do with with becoming emotionally connected to characters that have died, I cared so much that I felt kind of empty and hollow when they’ve passed on. I’ve also come to accept not to fear death so much as I used to but to just embrace it when it comes.

I’ll talk more about the series in another post when I’ll attempt to give a general review of it. Now I want to go and re-read the whole thing!

Oh well, catch you later and remember fly high and fly straight and look out for migrating Canadian geese. One of those in your face is not a pleasant experience 😀


6 thoughts on “Something you didn’t know about moi and how it changed my life

  1. evilnymphstuff says:

    Omg we’re twins!! For me too it was the same thing: without Harry Potter, I wouldn’t be an aspiring writer and blogger as I am today! I wouldn’t even have cared about books!
    great post!!

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