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Though it sits just north of Brazil, Guyana still has yet to appear on the traveler’s radar–only about 5,000 tourists enter each year, according to Kirk Smock, author of the Bradt travel guide to Guyana and a consultant for the USAID-funded Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative. Often it’s just you, the staff, and the sounds of bird calls at the jungle lodges. Ninety percent of the population lives along the developed Atlantic region, which means that 80 percent of the country sees nary a human frolicking among the primary rainforest. Read more here …

Highlights: In the virgin forests, species that are endangered elsewhere reproduce successfully. You can still spot giant anteaters, jaguars, black caimans, and around 820 varieties of birds. (via


Well, it’s nice to see that my home country is ”going places”. I live in along the Atlantic area (or the low coastal plain) and haven’t been to the highland region, where the rainforests are but from the photos I’ve seen makes I itch to take a trip! Photographer’s Paradise folks, I’m telling you. I understand that we’ve got to have wood but I don’t like the idea of lots of people getting into lumbering, though we’ve got policies in place not everyone abides, and if you’ve enough green – if you know what I mean – almost anything’s possible.

There is one international highway, and it is still unpaved, which has kept much of the interior industry (including logging, gold mining, and oil prospecting) from dominating the landscape.

Actually, I see that as a good thing, not development-wise, but it keeps what life is there alive and well and not endangering them. Though the government preaches on protecting wild life, through excessive mining and logging things wouldn’t turn out so swell, especially if more easier access is going to be facilitated …

That waterfall in the picture I believe is Orenduke Falls because Kaieture Falls is a single, straight drop.

I’m not lying when I say that Guyana’s a very beautiful country, we’ve got more to go but we’re getting there, oh I’ve yet so much to discover! You’re all always welcome to visit!

Catch you guys later,