My new Poem: Ten Years from Now

I sit here and I write

In the hand of the mind boggling language

Of advanced chemistry,

Early one June morning


Ten years from now,

Having been buried beneath

The dust of time, lost somewhere

I will find it one day,

Ten years from now.


I will recall this chilly morning of June,

When I had written this.

I will recall the slapping the insistent mosquitoes

How they sang near my ear, the Godforsaken creatures.

I might remember chewing on this pen

Ten years from now.


I may even remember this past day,

One day ten years from now.

And how much has changed, I’d say

Since those ten long years.


Ten years from now

all this mumbo-jumbo of

Bond breaking and bond making

And the stealthy latent energy,

Will be a little treasure

Of my youth.


Ah, I have but one question,

How silly am I now

I ask you,

I ask myself,

Ten years from now?


~ Devina S.

It was around 2 AM yesterday morning when, characteristically, my mind wondered and this just came to me. I think ten years from now I’ll read this again and just laugh to myself and say “You worried too much, heck, I still do” 🙂

I originally posted it on Poet’s Corner.

Sunny skies,


12 thoughts on “My new Poem: Ten Years from Now

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  1. I asked Quill but no answer so far. I want one for the site so that everyone can post it and others can copy it, i’ll wait a few more days for Quill and see what happens 🙂

    I’ll try and find a nice photo first. Harry

    1. I do, but not the kind that’s on The Dark Globe where followers just have to copy the code (that one’s easier for everybody) Quill knows how to make that kind.

      The other one that I can do, people will have to copy both the link and the picture but no code.

    1. I’m elated that you thought so! You never stop hoping and following your heart, it’s from that where your dreams come true. You’re a great writer Daphne, you’ll definitely get there and who knows what else will come your way in ten years time? We’ll wait and see, won’t we? Until then, all the best! 😉

    1. Yay!!! I’m happy it did 😀 Sometimes I just wonder, wonder about thing’s that’s happened and and what’s in store in the future and how much my life will change and also the people I know now and the ones I’ll meet.

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