About Life

Wise words, these are. Life is a lesson in itself, I don’t think anyone has passed with flying colours but we can all do better as we learn. Thank you Kymlee 🙂

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About Life

Life lessons according to me…


Life is a balance of success and failure, which really means life is full of lessons and routes of experience. It makes no difference what the outcome is, only that you took something away from the experience that helps your progress as a developing human being. The worst thing you can do is accept defeat because defeat is self imposed, defeat is only as debilitating as you allow it to be. You are a greater person if you can take defeat and turn it into a lesson learned which in turn makes that experience a success. I wish you all the best, every day in your success and your perceived failures, because they have the power… to inspire and propel greatness. -Kymlee

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2 thoughts on “About Life

  1. ♥ thanks dahling. Just some of my never ending thoughts about life as usual haha. Inter-reflection is great especially when you can share those lessons you learned with others who can benefit from them. Glad you found meaning in this! That makes me smile

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