The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations! (Smashed my writer’s block)

Rainbow Jubilee: Sarah Beet, 36, begins decorating the azalea beds with red white and blue bunting at Lea Gardens, Matlock, Derbyshire ahead of the garden’s Jubilee cream tea parties this weekend. Picture by Rod Kirkpatrick/F Stop Press

I’ll try to make this post as brief as possible because I’m afraid I’ll just keep on writing. We’ve been seeing snippets of the Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II’s  Diamond Jubilee celebrations. Sixty long years as monarchy is no light matter and I know that this lady is one special woman. It took determination, cunning, bravery, and lots more, to have come so far.

They’ve said that The Queen is like a rock, steady and reliable and I have to agree, she’s kept the tradition of the royal family alive up till now and with the changing ways of society these days I must say that I admire her immensely.

Some time ago in a previous post, I mentioned that we (Guyana) were once a colony of Great Britain (gaining independence in 1966) and I will say that I hold no bitter feelings towards HRH and Britain on the whole, quite the opposite. My grandmother was a little girl when Queen Elizabeth II came here while on her tour to visit all of the British colonies just after her coronation. Back then they gave those cups with a picture of her embellished on them to everyone. We still have the one gran got all those years ago (the one in the pictures) Yep, that cup is 60 years old!

I was just watching another one of the BBC’s footage of the grand occasion with my family. We saw countless Britons waving their Union Jacks with so much enthusiasm and the look of admiration upon their faces as they looked on as the Queen sailed by Tower Bridge, their show of patriotism literally brought tears to my eyes. It’s amazing to know that so many people actually still value tradition, yes I can be a cynic but I think my reasons are justified.

All of the pictures here, except for the ones of the cup, were taken from an e-mail (that had a lot more shots than what I’ve posted) an uncle of mine, over there in England, had sent me today. He got it from an article written by an Amy Oliver, I asked him for the link so all of you can get to see it some time later. Here are some more photos of England with practically thousands, maybe a million, Union Jacks soaring proudly all around.

Keep calm and carry on knitting: The Saltburn Yarn Bomber strikes again, this time with the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee as the subject. Picture by North News & Pictures Ltd.
By the seaside: The Saltburn Yarn Bomber’s work included these models of Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice, complete with red, white and blue Jubilee rosettes. Picture by North News & Pictures Ltd.
Waving from the balconies: In Bristol, a house in Clifton is adorned with bunting (left), while Union and St George flags hang from the windows of a city-centre office (right) Source:
Looking good: A smartly-dressed woman stops to admire a floral crown installed in St James’s Park in central London to mark the Diamond Jubilee. Getty Images.
Diamond geezers: The Pearly King of Westminster, David Hitchin, and the Pearly Queen of Hackney, Jackie Murphy kick-off Jubilee festivities in London’s Covent Garden today. Image via BIGPICTURESPHOTO.COM.
Bird’s eye view: The flags run all the way down Regent Street as they did for the Royal Wedding last April. AFP/GETTY IMAGES

There were a few more stunning photos but I’m afraid I can do only so much, like I mentioned, I’ll try to get a link to the articles they came from.  I hope you’ve enjoyed these 🙂



P.S: I hope the writer’s block stays far away from me, actually it was driving me batty since last week and not only yesterday which my last post might have led you to believe.


6 thoughts on “The Diamond Jubilee Celebrations! (Smashed my writer’s block)

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  1. There’s only one other monarch in history to last longer than she has and that was Queen Victoria, give it a few more years and Elizabeth will surpass her too! I didn’t really celebrate the Jubilee, mainly because I’ve been wrapped up in NaNoWriMo and the days seem to bleed into one haha but I did look up the entire history of the English throne on Monday!

    1. Yes, I agree, that woman is strong enough and I think she looks marvelous for her years. Will you be posting updates on your NaNoWriMo progress? I’m curious as to what sort of story you’d go about writing.
      You are kidding me, right? The entire history? I’ll admit, it’s interesting but you must have been determined. Good luck on you writing, Pete. Thanks for the follow, cheers!

  2. Wow it’s beautiful! I wish I was in England during this period. 😛
    My school has been named after Queen Elizabeth and each time I see such a post as yours I think of my school which is obviously having its diamond jubilee too 🙂

    1. It truly was! I wish the same, too, but at least I’m a little satisfied that I can say I’ve been around this time in history. That’s cool, your school’s very own diamond jubilee, Thanks for coming by 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Great photos. I have been watching some of the celebrations on TV, and I love the way everything is decorated. I just love the floral crown, that is just so well done. 🙂

    Thank You for very much for your lovely comment, over at my blog.

    1. Hey! Yes, everything looked so grand, and I’m with you on the floral crown. Oh, you’re very welcome, I’ll see to it that I drop in every now and again, thanks for visiting 😀

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