I’ve been diagnosed … Get me a forklift!

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The symptoms:

  • Decapitating the covers of various pens and stabbing my notebook to death.
  • Pacing around, screaming “Why! Why! Why!” then spontaneously bursting into hysterical  laughter
  • Hitting my head against the wall repeatedly (my forehead was too “out there” anyways)

Well, I just got the results. I’ve got *gasps in horror* I’m clutching my pearls as I read this to you my friends … WRITER’S BLOCK!

I bet you thought I was mentally loosing it, huh? To an extent … I am. Let me be honest, I’m not one of those people who loves and loves writing to death, approaching fanaticism, but I simply enjoy the joy and pride it gives me to see my writing published for others to read (okay so I love it) but often, I lack the motivation to write anyways but it really irks me to learn that I can’t find anything at all!

Back to what I was saying …

My mind is a blank page, and I’m not talking about being swept away in an ocean of serenity kind of blank. No folks, blank as in I-don’t-know-what-to-write (other than writing about I don’t know what to write about) nothing, nada, zilch. I know, I know, there’s so much out there to write about and lots more in the depths of my mind (which can sometimes be a scary place) but apparently some part of my brain is in hibernation mode or something. Where the heck is the “Wake the hell up button”!

Sometime it’s like a huge brick wall falling right outta nowhere, blocking my train of creative thought. I’m currently banging my head against the said wall (mentally, that is).

Maybe it’s just my brain telling me to cool it and relax. But let me tell you, it is one of the most frustrating spot to be in, akin to losing a super power. What would Superman be without be without super-strength, not being able to fly or no x-ray vision and laser eye beams? He’d be just a silly man in tights wearing his underwear on the outside. Then he’d have to go back to his day job full time, big glasses that he will probably need.

In a way, if you thought about it, writing is a superpower, a gift really. Not everyone has the patience or the passion for it, there’s a certain species who doesn’t like it because it doesn’t seem fun (they don’t know what they’re missing) and then there are those often sociable creatures who are content with reading.

I suppose when in doubt, write about the weather. Well most of the times it’s an oven set on high though it’s rainy season, then sometimes it’s just uncomfortably warm with the nights relatively cool. This time of the year usually means you’ll be seeing rice farmers  scrambling to harvest before the sky splits spilling half of the Atlantic.

Okay, that was boring. I’ve heard that standing upside down does the trick, I suspect that all the brilliant ideas come flowing back to the head along with the blood and I also suspect  that if I gave it a go I’d break my crazy neck or some other essential, some parts just aren’t made in China.

Hey! I think I feel something coming to me … a trickle of an awe inspiring thought perhaps? Maybe my head did some serious damage to the wall … or the wall did some serious damage to my head.

Rest. I should get me some. Definitely. Maybe that’s all I need.

Do you guys and gals get writer’s block often? What do you do to get back to normal? Are you one of those lucky ones that’s never experienced it?

Cheers and *yawn and stretches*

G’night/morning wherever you are,

~ Devina.

* I originally posted this for The Dark Globe.


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    1. On your deadline? I don’t know how you manage to fake it but I do know that if I were you I’d loose it so it’s a good thing I’m not you! Ha-ha! Thanks for coming by 🙂

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