It’s always the time to stand up


Bullying, it happens to everyone at some point in their lives, in various ways and we can a see it all around. Kids are being picked on in school, even to adults being taken advantage of at the work place. But I want those of you who are reading this, that are going through this awful experience, to know that it’s okay to be frustrated we can’t help it at first but that doesn’t mean you let this terrorism to dominate your lives.

It has to stop and you, as an individual has a voice, speak up, initially it might seem daunting but you can do it, know that. Even for those who don’t (cannot speak, that is) let someone know, in fact, voice or no voice you need to let your friends and family know, even a favourite teacher because no one has to face it alone.

I’ve been bullied while I was in high school but I’ve gotten over it after finally just being fed up of seeing the foot prints all over me of my bullies after being walked all over by them. I didn’t think about telling anyone, I’ll simply go home and lock myself up in the bathroom and let my tears rain down until I feel empty and hollow, so then their words didn’t seem hurt so much. Fortunately, my experience hadn’t affected me as much as it had others. I imagine that my life would have been much easier if I had confided in someone. Continue reading “It’s always the time to stand up”


Something you didn’t know about moi and how it changed my life

It’s the truth, I’m telling you and I won’t ever deny it and I don’t care what you Twi-hards (Twilight suckers I mean fanatics) have to say about it. What? You mean you don’t know?! *Gasps* Okay, okay, it’s my own fault that I didn’t make it public here on WP (though I think I mentioned something in one of those Tag game posts + my Twitter username is @GryffindorGal1) that I’m a Potter-head, a Harry Potter fan until the end of time! I’m not infatuated, I was with Twilight I’ll admit in all honesty, but Harry Potter is forever, my friends, FOREVER! Oh and I recently changed my gravatar that might give a hint.

A chunk of my heart in seven volumes!

As to how it changed my life …

It was during the summer of 2010 when I somehow ended up on a Wikipedia article on Harry Potter – I’d see almost all the movies released up to that time but I didn’t care for it much back then – but as I kept on reading how Mrs.Rowling came about with the shebang I was hooked, without actually being aware that I was being reeled in … Continue reading “Something you didn’t know about moi and how it changed my life”

“Then and Now” – Ojai, California – Betina La Plante via

“Then and Now” – Ojai, California – Betina La Plante

Talk about creative ideas.  I love this one! I suspect Betina’s idea should go viral eventually and inspire a lot of other photographers to try the same concept in interesting ways.   What do you think?

Enter Betina:

The idea of people holding images to their faces is not a new one, by any means.  People have photographed themselves replacing their own faces with shots from fashion magazines, album covers, etc.  Early this year I saw the poster for the movie “Ides of March”, which shows half of Ryan Gosling’s face holding up a folded Time magazine with half George Clooney’s face on it to complete the ‘whole’.  I thought that was a cool concept, but how much cooler would it be to use the same subject on both sides, depicting the passage of time on their face.  I’d been helping Terence go through many of his old photographs, in order to choose which ones to include in his new memoir, so I knew I had some great straight on shots to work with, from when he was in his 30s.  It was a last minute idea before he went to shoot a movie in Canada, but he was up to try it.

I had an hour to scan and print up several varying sizes of the photo that Terence is holding, in order to come up with the best life-size match.

Read more here, seriously check this stuff out!

This – though not entirely ingenious – is brilliant and I love that it was black and white! Then and now is most definitely amongst my top favourites. He was quite the looker back in his days 😉

I’ve posted some photos from this same website Potobotos a while ago. They’ve great stuff, a new photograph every day along with the stories behind them! Check ’em out and if you like what you see don’t forget to subscribe!

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News Week’s 2012 Travel Bucket List

2012 Travel Bucket List: Burma, North Korea and More Destinations (<- click to see all)


Martin Harvey / Corbis

Though it sits just north of Brazil, Guyana still has yet to appear on the traveler’s radar–only about 5,000 tourists enter each year, according to Kirk Smock, author of the Bradt travel guide to Guyana and a consultant for the USAID-funded Guyana Sustainable Tourism Initiative. Often it’s just you, the staff, and the sounds of bird calls at the jungle lodges. Ninety percent of the population lives along the developed Atlantic region, which means that 80 percent of the country sees nary a human frolicking among the primary rainforest. Read more here …

Highlights: In the virgin forests, species that are endangered elsewhere reproduce successfully. You can still spot giant anteaters, jaguars, black caimans, and around 820 varieties of birds. (via


Well, it’s nice to see that my home country is ”going places”. I live in along the Atlantic area (or the low coastal plain) and haven’t been to the highland region, where the rainforests are but from the photos I’ve seen makes I itch to take a trip! Photographer’s Paradise folks, I’m telling you. I understand that we’ve got to have wood but I don’t like the idea of lots of people getting into lumbering, though we’ve got policies in place not everyone abides, and if you’ve enough green – if you know what I mean – almost anything’s possible.

There is one international highway, and it is still unpaved, which has kept much of the interior industry (including logging, gold mining, and oil prospecting) from dominating the landscape.

Actually, I see that as a good thing, not development-wise, but it keeps what life is there alive and well and not endangering them. Though the government preaches on protecting wild life, through excessive mining and logging things wouldn’t turn out so swell, especially if more easier access is going to be facilitated …

That waterfall in the picture I believe is Orenduke Falls because Kaieture Falls is a single, straight drop.

I’m not lying when I say that Guyana’s a very beautiful country, we’ve got more to go but we’re getting there, oh I’ve yet so much to discover! You’re all always welcome to visit!

Catch you guys later,